Wednesday, September 26, 2012

week 28

How far along: 28 weeks (didn't we just do this for 27 weeks? has it been seven days already?)

Total weight gain/loss: As weighed at the doctor last Friday, up 23 lbs.

Maternity clothes: I thought I had come to terms with my current selection of maternity clothes, but after trying to pack for our trip to Las Vegas this past weekend, and almost wishing to stay home simply for a lack of well-fitting clothes, I'm reconsidering. I halfway feel like, with just shy of three months left, I should just stick it out with what I have. But on the other hand, I'd love another pair of pants to wear to work, and some more flattering skirts/dresses.

Stretch marks: I may just be ignoring them, but I haven't seen any still.

Sleep: I sleep so much better in my own bed. Definitely happy to be home!

Best moments this week: Finally got Andrew to feel a BIG kick. I think it surprised him a little bit. I felt like saying "I told you so!" I can pretty much expect an acrobatic performance every night when I go to bed. It is still mostly cute and fun.

Worst moment this week: Long car ride to and from Las Vegas, and walking around in the heat. Mediocre manicure pedicure (I'll spare you the details). Oh, and the doctor last week. I went in at 4:30 to start my glucose test. I went to the lab, as directed, and they couldn't find my name in the system. After a long while, they called the midwife. The midwife told them (and they relayed to me) that I wasn't far enough along to do all the testing, and if they did half that day I'd just have to come back and do the rest the following week. This made it sound like I would have to drink the glucose stuff twice, which I did not want to do, so I said "no thanks" and headed for my regular appointment. Well, it turns out they just don't want to do the rhogam shot until you are 28 weeks. I totally could have done the glucose test, it is independent of the rhogam shot! But by that point, it was like 5:00 pm, and I didn't want to wait around there for another hour or more to do the glucose test. It was just really frustrating because I was just following their directions, per my last appointment, and they really jerked me around. Now I have to go back on Friday to do both tests, plus I have a NuMom2b appointment on Thursday, plus I'm now on the every-two-weeks appointment schedule. So technically, I should have three Fridays in a row with appointments, plus the study appointment. But, since I have been going for appointments a little early (technically 4 days before my actual week-mark), I decided to just do another normal appointment this week when I'll actually be in my 28th week, and then do every two weeks from then. That sounds really confusing, but it all works. So anyway, I still have my rhogam shot and glucose test to look forward to. Yay.

Food cravings: I want junk all of the time, but who doesn't? People who say they don't are just lying.

Any new symptoms: I may have started waddling a bit, mostly when I'm tired.

Labor Signs: Just more Braxtons Hicks.

Innie or Outie: Still kind of a donut. The middle is still in, but there is definitely a protrusion visible through a lot of shirts.

Wedding rings on or off: On and off, depending. There was one point after walking in the heat that I worried about being able to get them off!

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy, though I did do some complaining about walking in the heat (notice a theme here?).

Looking forward to: For reals getting rhogam and glucose over with, and having an ultrasound on Thursday (they did one as a consolation last Friday, but the midwife is no ultrasound tech, and so we didn't see any of those money-shots). I'm really seriously looking forward to spending some time with my BFF Trisha doing some baby shower stuff tomorrow. And to making more moving-rooms progress this weekend (one room is almost all cleared out!).

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