Friday, December 4, 2015

Hello there, old friends.

I've noticed that many of my blogger friends aren't posting so much these days. Well, neither am I. It must just be this phase of life, or maybe laziness? I should speak for myself.

Since this is as close to journaling as I come, I think it's time to start writing again.

First, some updates.

We had another baby! Ezra Was born in July. We prompted him to come a bit early (10 days). He was 8 lbs 1 oz and 21 inches long. Almost exactly the same as Evie, who was only one day early. When I say prompted, I mean I had a membrane sweep and used a breast pump to get some natural pitocin going. It worked! Delivery went smoothly. I used a doula again, and she was wonderful. I had to have vancomycin for group b strep, which made me feel really sick and overall made the delivery more difficult than I remembered it being the first time. My best friend Trisha was there and took photos. They are so amazing! I feel so lucky to have been surrounded by such a great support team (Andrew, Trisha, Brittney the doula, and a fantastic l&d nurse).

Evie adores her baby brother. She wants to kiss and touch and love on him all the time, and often asks to hold him. It can be difficult, when I'm nursing or trying to buckle him in his car seat, but she is always sweet and gentle.

Now Ezra is nearly three months old. At his two month check he was nearly 14 pounds, which is the 86th percentile for weight. He's in the 80th for height, and his head is in the 50th. He has fair along and lighter almost auburn brown hair. So far his eyes are still quite blue, and he has my feet (just like my dad and grandma).

He's shown some sensitivity to dairy, so I've gone off the stuff yet again. We will have him allergy tested in a week to figure out for sure what's bothering him.

He is a snuggly kid. For most of month one and two he's just wanted to be held all the time and to sleep right next to me. He's now more comfortable hanging out in his bouncer awake and falling asleep on his own more and more. He has yet to warm up to his carsear, so I keep car trips to a minimum.

He smiles quite a bit, especially on the changing table, when he first wakes up, or if you've left him to his own devices for a minute and then come back and say hello. Smiles are often accompanied by coos. It is so sweet!

Now on to Miss Evie. She's nearly three! And so clever and funny. She loves to sing and learn songs. She listens to music going to sleep every night, and I've found that she's picked up the words to many of the songs all on her own. She can recognize most of the alphabet, and knows the sounds of all the letters. She's started recognizing letters around town. "Mom! I see a C! Mom! There's my name letter!" 

Her hair is getting so long. I love it. And she insists she does not want a haircut. It curls into soft ringlets on the underside, but the front and top layer are straight. No idea where that curl came from.

Oh, and she's totally potty trained. Aren't you glad I wasn't blogging during potty training? Let me just say that I'm so glad to have behind me. Let's not talk about how I get to do it again in two years.

Evie is extremely afraid of flies and all bugs. Still afraid of dogs. Won't touch any animals. And we found out she's allergic to dust mites.

She loves to play with her play kitchen and dishes/food. She's always cooking up oatmeal, yogurt, soup, or an ice cream cone. She likes to feed us her concoctions and have picnics with it all over the house.

Evie surprises us daily with what she says, knows, and remembers. We frequently turn to each other and express our amazement at how wonderful she is. 

Andrew is working full time as an engineer after graduating last December (woot!), and still managing a lot of side projects here at home. He redid the half bathroom on our main level, and has almost finished installing all new baseboard on the main level too. He's also building me a custom built in budfet in the dining room and rebuilding the engine of an Izuzu Trooper. 

Me? Well, as I mentioned, I had a baby this summer. It was a tough pregnancy for my (potty training the toddler, morning sickness, and horrible SPD pain). And Ezra's been a bit of a tough baby (needing to be held most of the time). Through it all I've been working with the young women at church, and baking a few cakes on the side. In fact, I did two wedding cakes in August! I've also joined a book club and so far read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Call the Midwife, and Cunnamon and Gunpowder. I signed up to run a 5k in October, and have been back to the gym for a week so far. In my spare time I think a lot about my future, what I can take on when I'm done nursing, when the kids are in school, etc. I have this strong feeling that I am supposed to pursue a career and possibly more school. I just haven't quite figure out what yet.

The house. It's probably 1/2 done. The basement and exterior are virtually untouched, as are the bathrooms upstairs. I would so love to have it all done at once, but realistically we have to take it slow. Sorry, neighbors. You have to look at our sagging gutters and weedy yard for at least another year. 

Weekend Update

After the four month mark Ezra did some noteworthy things. He smiles and laughs, and not just as a tickle reflex. Sometimes he just smiles in response to being smiled at. He opens his mouth like a little baby bird (sometimes) when you slowly move a binky toward his mouth. He got a tooth (12/1/15)! And he's started making one of my favorite ever faces (one that Evie used to make) where he sucks in just his lower lip. 

I've started feeding him baby oatmeal, mostly as a distraction during meals. He doesn't love it but puts up with just under a tablespoon one or two times a day. I'm having a hard time getting him to nurse in the day. Evie was on an eat every two hours schedule for quite a long time, and this kid can go long stretches without wanting to nurse (he gets angry if I try to nurse him when he doesn't want to). He should want to nurse around ten, but usually I can only get him to go a couple of minutes around ten or eleven and then he's done. I'm beginning to think it is because he's holding out for afternoon naptime, when we lay down together, he nurses, and we both nap. I don't blame him; it is delicious. I'm kind of loving snuggle sleeping with him. It just gets frustrating when he's fussy (probably hungry) and I'm soaked with milk but he still won't nurse. Le sigh. 

As for big sister Evie, she is just wonderful. Not that she's perfect all the time, but she's just good. She mostly listens and obeys (except when it comes to loving on Ezra, she won't leave the poor kid alone). She loves to sit and listen to stories, and often makes up her own. She's a pretty good eater, if you give her what she likes (most meat and fruit, broccoli, carrots, peas, any kind of dip). She sings all the time, and cracks us up when she sings silly and sometimes nonsense words to familiar songs. She goes to dance class and loves it. She really doesn't get into trouble. The main problem we have is the listening and obeying thing, and it would be unreasonable to expect anything else.

How about me? I'm doing pretty well.  Babies are wonderful and really hard. I'm thinking of writing a cookbook with all meals that can be made with one hand. I feel like a lot of my day has a crying soundtrack, simply because I can't hold the baby all of the time, which is what he would like. Car trips are especially bad, with only about 50% of them resulting in a sleeping baby. 

I've been doing a fair amount of baking as of late, and even ended up demonstrating a cake technique on local tv. I'm not eating dairy for Ezra, as he seems to have the same sensitivity that Evie did. This means I can't eat most of what I bake, but I've also been slowly shedding the weight I gained during pregnancy, which is a nice little bonus. I've also been shedding a lot of hair. Kind of an alarming amount, and let's not even talk about the skin on my stomach.

I'm in a book club. So far we've read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (my pick), Cinnamon and Gunpowder (loved it), and Lord Fenton's Folly (didn't love it). I was supposed to read Still Alice and The Martian, but the former was the month Ezra as born and the latter I couldn't get in time from the library. 

I'm still working with the Young Women at church- the 12 and 13 year olds, to be exact. They are so fun, silly, sweet, thoughtful... I love it. It's hard sometimes with my little family, but rewarding. 

My latest obsession is the original cast recording of Hamilon- a rock (more like hip hop- r&b) musical about Alexander Hamilton. It is incredible, and I nerd out about it daily (Jonathan Groff, voice of Cristoff is in it! The lead- Lin Manuel Miranda- wrote all the music! Leslie Odom Jr. from Smash is Aaron Burr! Lin Manuel Miranda is writing the music for the new Disney princess movie, and wrote the music for the cantina scene in the new Star Wars!). I could go on and on. Probably don't bring it up unless you want to hear all about it.

I'm also gearing up for my baby girl to turn three. I cannot believe she is that big. She is so beautiful and smart and funny, I'm just lucky to be her mother. And we're going to have a super fun Frozen birthday party that I'm really excited about. Stay tuned for pictures of that. 

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