Thursday, January 31, 2008

I caught you...

There is this great thing called sitemeter, that my good friend Kristi introduced me to. It basically tracks the people that get on your site, and in my case, that look at my blog. It doesn't show names or anything, but locations, referring pages, and such and such. Through sitemeter, I've found that people from the some pretty random places have accessed my blog through Google, and have searched for "chewing gum" or "funny chewing gum picture" to find it. Here are some of the locations:

Sioux Center, Iowa
Faridabad, Haryana, India
Santa Ynez, California
Narbeth, Pennsylvania
Amersham, Buckingham, UK
High Point, North Carolina
Seattle, Washington
Swedesboro, New Jersey
Duryea, Pennsylvania
London, UK
Minneapolis, Minnesota

I enjoy finding stuff like this out, I guess I'm just easily entertained.

Coincidences can be quite delightful.

I eat my lunch in the study area adjacent to the Union ballroom on campus. I usually sit at a table, eat, check my email, and play a few games of solitare. Every once in awhile, I get lucky and get to be a bystander in whatever even is going on. The first time, it was to hear the amazing Cornell West speak about Dr. Martin Luther King Junior. The second, was Chelsea Clinton answering questions about Senator Clinton's policies. Today, I just happened to be sitting in the Union during the BSU (Black Student Union) day at the University for prospective students. They had a talent show competition, and it was just about the coolest thing ever. (We didn't have a talent show at any of the days I came to the U!) I also got hit on by one of the students, which made me feel pretty good even though he was probably still in high school. (He said, "Hey beautiful..." I blushed.)

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


So, the whole cutting my hair off was sparked by the fact that my usual stylist just happens to be my best friend, and that she is getting married. On Friday. Despite the business of wedding plans, emergency oral surgery for her, and all the stress that accompanies matrimonial bliss, my hair still needs to be done. I tried to tell it not to grow, but it just didn't listen. The difficulty in having your unavailable stylist also be your best friend is that there is a great deal of emotion involved on both ends. She does a good job, or she knows I'll be upset and she'll feel terribly guilty. I go only to her because it would be just as bad as cheating in a long-term relationship if I went to another stylist. I'll feel bad if I go to someone else, even if it's "just this once," and I know she'll feel bad too. The other issue is, I'm a bridesmaid, and my hair this Friday will be recorded in the wedding pictures for the rest of time. So, I can either leave it with almost an inch of regrowth, bangs in my eyes, and frazzled ends, or I can go somewhere and have it cut. But what if the cut is a bad one? What if it doesn't look chic, but just butch? What if it accentuates my oh-so-round face? What if I hate it, or what if my husband hates it? (What is it about men and long hair?) What if the in-between phase, while I'm trying to grow it out looks awful? What if it looks cute with jeans, but idiotic with the bridesmaid dress? (Or skirts in general. I definitely don't want to look like a boy in a skirt and heels.) And the final question, who can I go to that will do a good job?

Monday, January 28, 2008

whadduya think?

This is a chance for all you silent readers to SPEAK UP! Let your opinion be heard, by voting on how you think I should do my hair... Photo 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5.
5 is just how it is now, 4 is a trim of 5, 3 is similar to 4 but just a lot shorter, and then there's 1 and two, which are way different. This is me being restless and getting sick of trying to grow my hair out. (So much for trying to look like Keri Russell!) The last picture I look fat, but that's how it its, it's just the only good picture of my hair, and the most recent one.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

August Rush

Last night A and I went to see August Rush at the dollar theater. (It actually cost $4! Now days not even the dollar theater is a dollar.) It was fantastic. I suspect A may have thought it was a bit strange, because it's about music being inherent in the universe and such, but he said he liked it.
I really liked Keri Russell's hair. It made me want to grow mine out even more, but then I realized that mine wouldn't be nearly as beautiful as hers was because it isn't in the least bit curly. Oh well, it's fun to imagine.
But anyway, it's essentially about a boy looking for his parents through music. I would tell you more, but I don't want to give away too much on the off chance that you'll actually watch it, which I would highly recommend.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Karma is a funny thing.

This past week A and I have been addicted to My Name is Earl. We rented the first disk of the first season last Saturday, and are now finished with disk three. I'd seen it on TV, but I just couldn't get into it. Watching it starting with the first episode made a huge difference, and now I can't get enough of it! So funny. We've also been watching American Gladiators. This show is unbelievable. I kind of feel trashy watching it, but at the same time, I'm so entertained. It's like a terrible car accident; it's awful and terrible, yet you can't take your eyes off of it.
Bookwise, I've been reading a collection of Sherlock Holmes on the train. For some reason I'm attracted to anything that involves mystery, be it stories of Holmes, or Law and Order. I think it's genetic.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

I win!

I found a dress to wear to the bff's wedding, and at Dress Barn, of all places. We went there as a "last resort" and they just happened to have one dress in my size, in the right colors, with the right cut, and at a discounted price. It is brown with pink polkadots, has an adoreable little puff sleeve, and a ribbon around the waist. Now I just need shoes and jewelry...
You'd think (or at least my mom and husband would) that of all the people in the world, I would be the one to have a shoe in every color, so there would be absolutely no need for me to go shoe shopping. That, however, is not true. It seems I don't have every shoe in every color, just a lot of black shoes. Hence, the need to go shoe shopping. For jewelry, I might end up making something with gorgeous beads, so I guess I need to buy some gorgeous beads. This will all come out of my discretionary fund, which is a new principle around our house.
The other thing that will come out of my discretionary fund this month is hair. A and I agreed that 1/2 of whatever my hair costs will be non-discretionary until I get it back to my natural color. After that, any color will be discretionary. My appointment is on Monday, and we'll see what happens. Maybe I'll even post some pictures.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

a half ham is way too much for two not so hungry people.

This pineapple glaze was delish:

1 cup brown sugar
1 (10 ounce) can crushed pineapple

2 tablespoons lemon juice

1 tablespoon dry or prepared mustard
1 tablespoon cornstarch

1/4 teaspoon

Place all ingredients in a small saucepan including the juice/syrup from the pineapple.
Turn heat on to medium and stir constantly to prevent burning. ( had to turn it up quite a bit to get it to boil.)
Continue to heat until mixture thickens and comes to a boil.
Allow mixture to boil for approximately 1 minute.
If mixture refuses to thicken, add more cornstarch- a little at a time.

I doubled the recipe so there would be enough not only to glaze the ham, but to pour over individual slices. Needless to say, even though we ate ham for dinner last night and fried some up for breakfast, there is still a virtually whole half ham in the fridge. Anyone want to come over for dinner?

Saturday, January 19, 2008

it's what's for dinner

No, not beef, A actually requested this last night, and it is so quick that I thought I'd share.

15 Minute Pasta Pizza

1/3 package angel hair pasta
tomato sauce to taste
mozzarella cheese to taste
any other desired toppings, vegetables are good

(1/3 a package of angel hair is enough for two, and we usually finish the whole thing. Increase as desired for more people/leftovers.)

1. Cook the pasta as directed on the package, or 2-3 minutes. Meanwhile, prepare a frying pan with olive oil or cooking spray, making sure the bottom and sides are completely coated. Heat the pan on the lowest setting.
2. After straining the pasta, transfer it into the frying pan. Don't worry if it sizzles, you want the bottom of the pasta to brown and get a bit crunchy, like a pizza crust. Also make sure the pasta is distributed evenly, covering the whole pan.
3. Basically build the rest like a pizza. Add however much sauce you want, same with cheese and peperoni. We ususally don't have other toppings to put on, and it's still delish. (I would love veggies on it, but A might not be so keen.)
4. Cover and let cook over medium to medium low heat until cheese is melted, about 5-8 minutes depending on how high you turn the heat.
5. Cut pieces like you would a pizza, and serve.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Friday Eve

Ahhhh. Just one more day of toiling before the weekend. Here's some randomness:

I officially changed my last name.

Target has three and four dollar shirts right now. I bought five, making it a very good week.

My best friend T is engaged to be married on February first. I'm a bridesmaid, and her colors are brown, cherry soda pink, and white. I convinced A to come to the mall with me yesterday, which was a rather big accomplishment. We went in virtually every store, and found absolutely nothing. Dresses either didn't have sleeves, skirts were the wrong size, or they were way out of my budget. I give up, and will be making a trip to the fabric store.

In recognition of Martin Luther King day, the U is doing this. I heard Dr. Cornel West speak today, and it was phenomenal. I might even read his book. I also got a Barack Obama 2008 pin, but haven't decided whether or not I'll wear it.

Sundance starts today. I'd really like to go, but probably won't. The auto show starts tomorrow, and I'm sure I'll be going to that.

It's freezing outside. Moving anywhere warmer than here sounds pretty good to me right now.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Thoughts and Questions

So all day I've been thinking about this post my sister wrote. I especially thought about it at work. In my stall. So I have some more questions that have absolutely nothing to do with my bathroom habits:

  • Do you find it difficult to go when there's someone else in the stall right next to you?
  • What if you're the only two in there?
  • If you're finished at the same time as another person in the room, do you wait for them to wash their hands and leave before you go out?
  • Do you fold, or crumple? Or even wad? Or air dry?
  • Do you use a paper towell to turn off the water and open the door?
  • Do you say anything to the person that has the same bathroom schedule as you that you know doesn't wash their hands? If you have, how did you do it? Do you ever think about all the things they touch besides the bathroom door handle that you use a paper towell to open?
Let's just say, after this last question, if you ever get something from Tomsic and Peck, use hand sanitizer after touching it.
Oh, and you actually get more germs by putting a nest on the seat versus just your cheeks. (I saw this on The View, so it must be true.) This is because your cheeks don't get near your face, so it's okay if they touch the seat. By just getting your hands near the seat, you're doing worse than just sitting. I think the only excuse for touching it is if there are droplets. In that case, I would just go to a different stall, but if you are so attached to your stall, I guess it would be okay to mop them up with a wad of tissue. The other useful information from that episode was that it is more sanitary to dry your hands on your pants than with one of those blowers. I hate those things.

I skinned my knee on Sunday. And the top of my foot. It would have been perfect if I had been going for the look of brother M's ex girlfriend, the eighties punk ripped tights, fishnets, to be exact. (I still remember those holey tights, one of the few memories I have from Fairbanks. She had a buzzed head and wore combat-ish boots. I guess it was more early nineties.) Needless to say, I had to dispose of the above referenced fishnets. For those graceful souls who haven't skinned their knees since the fourth grade, it hurts. Bad.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Jesus wants YOU...for a sunbeam.

We used to teach the CTR 6 class. Now only I teach. A got a new calling, advisor for the Teacher's Quorum. (Is it Teachers? as in, quorum of more than one teacher? or Teacher's, as in a quorum belonging to the Teachers...) Anyway, the kids are so adorable and funny. The first lesson, which was on choosing the right, prompted answers mostly involving Wii or Playstation II. I enjoy the kids in Primary, but the leadership is rough. Now, I'm not begging for the job of Primary President, but I think I could pull it off a little better than the currents. Maybe do something interactive instead of showing a living scriptures cartoon. Singing time is almost worse. In the Primary Program, which was before we were teachers, it seemed like the chorister was singing a solo, which was surprising for how many kids are in the Primary. Now that I'm in Primary, I understand why. She doesn't prepare outside of church at all, or if she does, I can't tell. She just comes to church, and sings. No words or pictures for the kids, she just occassionally has them hum along with the piano for a verse before they sing words. Things are worse when the teachers don't even know the words. I kind of want to be called as the Primary chorister...but don't tell the bishop I said that.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Spring Semester

Funny to call it that when there is still snow on the ground. Anyway, here's how I started the new semester.

Friday, January 4, 2008


Get skinny enough to fit into high school jeans. Sad thing is, high school wasn't too long ago for me... This involves joining a gym, and does not include giving up chocolate, cheese, or icecream.
Get all A's, and lots and lots of scholarships.
Save money, spend less on shoes.
Be the best primary teacher. Ever.
Keep house
Finish Generals, start real college.
Drive less, travel more. Go somewhere I've never been before.
Take more pictures, read more books.
Be happy.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Baja Cruise Highlights:

Kayaking around Catalina Island in the rain, seeing a jelly fish. Eating lunch at Antonio's, BBQ chicken pizza (my favorite) with cilantro on it (surprisingly delish, can you say California?)

Luchador masks in Ensenada, learning to make tamales and eating way to much salsa and guacamole on fresh corn chips.

A eating 10+ pieces of french toast at the morning buffet, not to mention the four cartons of milk, the handful of bacon, and multiple slices of fried ham. Don't worry though, I gained more than he did.


Everything. Baked french toast, Ikea furniture in dark brown, having our own tree and house, beautiful sweaters, remote- control airplanes and helicopters that either worked for a few minutes before crashing or not at all. Child's Christmas in Wales.


Named after the wife of Zues, not the Alaskan city. 16-year-old gets pregnant, sounds so funny, I know. Best movie of the year. Clever, hilarious, heart-wrenching, cute, fantastic soundtrack.


Two books down, one to go. If you liked Harry Potter, you'll like this trilogy. If you didn't, you'll still like it. Well written page turners, these books are funny, exciting, clever, and easier to relate to than the Potter books. (Dad even likes them...)

New Years:

Little World Chinese food, more remote-controlled aircraft, destined to fail. Dressing to kill in a little black dress and red lipstick, being scared out of my wits, singing at Jean-Louis, New Years kisses, driving down the canyon at midnight. Lloyd is crazy.
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