Monday, February 25, 2013

Ten Weeks

For Evie's ten week birthday my mom and I took her to see Les Mis. Just kidding, we didn't let her watch much,  you know,  to keep her from getting overstimulated. We chose the first matinee,  11:20 am, to minimize the number of people that could potentially be disturbed by a crying baby.

Evie did great!  She ate twice, with a big nap in between. And I think she enjoyed the music.  At least,  she didn't cry.

Another cool thing,  she went to sleep without being rocked or bounced last night! Andrew is in Denver for a few days,  and I've been a little worried about getting her down for the night by myself, but she's really been great. What a good girl!

Now a note on motherhood.  I have noticed a change in myself since Evie we born. I feel less self centered.  For example, when I go thrifting I don't look at clothes for myself,  I spend my time looking through the baby clothes. And,  its my birthday this week,  and I really haven't thought about it at all.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Two Months

Happy two months to Evie!

She really is a sweet baby.  She sleeps through the night. She smiles and coos. She nurses like a champ. She makes goofy faces at us. She is "handsy." She flails her arms and kicks her legs when she's happy.  She gets the hiccups, daily. She blows spit bubbles and tries to lick everything.  She loves the bath,  and always quiets right down when we turn on the bath water. She gets chubbier every day,  and is getting chub rolls on her legs. Her eyelashes are growing longer, and her hair so far has not fallen out.

We just love her.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Eight Weeks

Well, the weeks are flying by.  Evie is great.  One night last week she slept from eleven pm to almost eight am. To make up for it,  she wants to eat every two hours in the daytime,  and only sleeps for short spurts.

Have I mentioned that she has a milk protein allergy? So I'm off all dairy. It is really hard, but a great weight loss mechanism.

Evie loves the bath. She tries to get a taste of the washcloth I put on her chest, and tries to catch a drink of the water when I pour out the little bath pitcher on her tummy.

Evie smiles, when she wants to. She is usually super cheerful in the morning,  after she's eaten and had a full night's rest.  She makes little happy sounds,  and kicks her legs,  and sometimes gives us toothless grins. Sticking out tongues are also funny. One day after Andrew had a long day at school,  she gave him a hello smile.  It was heart-melting

She still has lots of dark hair. Just a little in the back has worn off so it is shorter. And she is out of newborn clothes.  Crazy!

I thought that with pregnancy over with, I'd be done with uncomfortable symptoms.  Not so.  I have hives, confirmed by a biopsy. From what I've found online,  they are rare enough as a postpartum issue that doctors haven't done much research,  but common enough that there is a blog and multiple discussion boards about them.  As far as I can tell, they are related to hormones and nursing,  and will only go away if I stop nursing or take strong antihistamines that will likely dry up my milk. Meanwhile I wake up every night scratching. It is miserable. 

PB&B Smoothie Variation

Today I subbed kale and almond butter for spinach and peanut butter. Kale is definitely a stronger flavor,  but still good!

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