Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Little Miss Chatterbox

Let's see, what's new. Evelyn is bursting with personality. She toddles around wherever we are, exploring everything at her level. She sees a fireplace or heater, and points to it saying "hot." She is like a little vacuum, and finds every little thing on the floor, picks it up, and brings it to me. She's started trying to climb on things, and when she falls over she usually looks up and gives a big cheesy smile. Or sometimes she says "no no no" when she knows she's doing something she's not supposed to do.

She combs and brushes her hair and if she finds a hair clippy, she holds it up to her head and says "pretty."

She is enthusiastically interested in dogs, hats, and cheese. Those are probably her favorite words. Oh, and also other kids, who are all babies, no matter how big they are.

Evie gives hugs all day. She often just walks up to me, arms out, rests her head against my legs, and pats me with her little hands. Daddy, Grandma, and Grandpa also get hugs. And other babies and sometimes toys.

She has a little Mickey Mouse toy that lives up on top of her bookshelf, and occasionally she spots it and excitedly says "Mi Mi Mi!" I pull it down for her and she hugs it and affectionately carries it around.

Right now she's a bit sick-- drippy nose and cough-- and her voice is a little more hoarse than usual. It is so cute and funny (the voice, not the sickness), she's going to sound like Emma Stone when she's big.

What is really exciting is to see how much Evie is understanding now. I say, "take this to Grandma," and she carries it over and puts the toy directly in Grandma's hand. I say, "put it away," and she puts all the toys back in the bin. I knew she wouldn't be a baby forever, but it really is amazing to see my baby blossom into a funny, sweet, smart little girl.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Recent Eats

A couple of weeks ago, we had a homemade ice cream extravaganza with some of A's classmates. They made strawberry and rocky road, and we made blueberry cheesecake.

Our three ice cream makers are in storage, so I found this recipe that doesn't use one! I also made a few changes. I couldn't find strawberry pie filling ANYWHERE, so I used blueberry instead.  I also used generic brand golden Oreos, which happened to be "double stuffed." My Blendtec was having a hard time crushing them up, so I added some graham crackers.  Overall, it was tasty! Not very ice cream like,  more frozen cheesecake parfait or something. I'd also try it with whipped cream instead of cool whip.

Another good food discovery happened the other night. My mom had made some vegetarian chili with black beans and sweet potatoes,  and not  was it quite spicy, but it wasn't very thick. We tossed in a can of tomato paste and a big can of refried black beans (the kind from the Mexican grocery store,  with lard, that are so delicious). It turned out so well!
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