Saturday, December 25, 2010

so this is Christmas.

In our letter from Santa* this year, we were encouraged to keep more of a record of things. I don't know that a blog is the best way to do this, but I thought I'd jot down a few things here anyway.

We had a very nice Christmas. This morning we woke up at 6 to be at A's sister's house by 7 to watch the events of the morning. Next year we may just invite ourselves over to stay the night, because that was pretty darn early. It was so fun to see those kiddos so excited. Christmas is definitely more fun with kids around (or maybe toys).

When we got home, we opened our presents. We had played around with the idea of not doing anything for each other for Christmas this year, because we are moving and busy and honestly don't need anything, but last week we decided last minute to give gifts on a very small budget to avoid unnecessary gifts. Anyway, we each got a few things we had asked for, and a few we hadn't. I got two sets of weights to use when I do my pilates routine on the wii, the 3rd Glee CD, fleece boot liners for my Hunter Wellies, and some dark chocolate pomegranate treats. A got two new dress shirts and ties, an itunes gift card, and a thing you plug into your lighter in the car that you can plug USB things into, like a camera or ipod, to charge (I thought it would be useful on trips and such). Small, but perfect. We may do some clothes shopping in the next two weeks as well. I'm itching to do some thrifting, and A needs some new jeans.

Then we took a nap until lunchtime, when we got up and got going. We went to my parent's house and did some tidying up. My mom had her hip replaced a few weeks ago, and though she is quite mobile with her little walker, there are just some things she can't do yet. A also put together her spherical composter that has been in the box for a few months now. It looks like the deathstar.

Then we went to A's parents' house, where we had a snack (lunch-ish time) and played with kids. I was not watching the time very well, so right as everyone was gathering round to open presents, we had to jet off for the big Christmas dinner at my parents'. We did have time to open a very generous gift from the in-laws, and read our Santa letter in the car.

Dinner was great. We had a delicious and not too heavy meal of pork with a spicy citrus sauce and nice cabbage salad, with homemade rolls (which I was supposed to make, but my grandma had brought some over the day before, so I decided to simplify). Dessert was cheesecake: eggnog or pumpkin (or both, if you are me). My sister is a pro. I played princesses and then doctor with one of my nieces for a long time, and helped my nephew for a bit as he assembled a lego set. I also did the same puzzle three times with my other niece (she likes to dump), and got to talk with my brother in Australia, which was a real treat. It was very relaxed, and lovely.

Meanwhile, almost our whole kitchen is packed (minus our dishes and silverware), as are our bookshelves. We've pawned off all our front-room furniture, and are getting ready to list our family-room furniture for sale. I've started painting in our future home, and A and his dad have the walls all framed. I've been stressed about getting everything done (and getting lots of heartburn as a result) but I think things are really coming together. It's a Christmas miracle!

*A's dad is in with Santa, so we get a letter from him every year with advice for the next year. Santa knows his stuff, and has been known to make some accurate predictions.

Friday, December 24, 2010

As Time Goes By (So Slowly)

Selling things is the worst. We are trying to sell our beast couch (the 4-seater that I can lie down on with arms outstretched and still not touch either end). Actually, we are giving it away, at this point, because no one wanted it even for $20. SO I waited around all afternoon yesterday for someone to come, no show. Now I'm waiting for a different person to come get it. She told me she'd come around 9:00, from Syracuse (about an hour away, max). I called at 9:20, she said she'd wake up her brother, and they'd get going. She called at 10:30, and said she'd be here at 11:15. Sheesh. I am supposed to be painting today. I could have gotten so much done in these three hours! Instead I seeded an entire pomegranate, cut the peel off of and sliced two oranges, two tangerines, two blood oranges, and six persimmons. At least my fruit salad will be beautiful tonight.

PS- I love persimmons! They remind me a lot of papaya, which I also adore.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas fare.

I was assigned to bring some sort of fruit for Christmas Eve dinner this year, and here's what I'm thinking. I'd like to do something festive, so here's the plan: blood oranges, pomegranates, and persimmons. I don't know that I've ever had a persimmon, but they seem Christmas-ish. I think I'll do some sort of minty dressing on top, or ginger. I can't decide.

For Christmas Day dinner, I'm making "out of this world rolls." I think after my Thanksgiving experience, I'll be a pro.

I guess I should go grocery shopping.

What are you making for Christmas this year?

Monday, December 20, 2010


This is what our tree usually looks like. Sort of leany.

I feel scroogey this year. Not because I don't like Christmas, I LOVE Christmas.

It is just that we're moving. And trying to finish my parents' basement. And trying to sell all our furniture. And because of all this, we haven't put up any Christmas decor, except a wreath and Christmas cards on the door, and some festive swag I found when cleaning out a drawer. Sad, no? I usually love decking our halls with antique glass balls and twinkling lights, but there is just no point this year.

Meanwhile, who knew it was so time consuming to cut and install beadboard! Thank goodness for patient husbands, fathers, and friends. Also, if you are buying vinyl stick-down tile for a room, special from the Home Depot, make sure you buy all of it at once. Trying to track it down 5+ years after the fact is difficult.

Also, mouse poop is so yucky. SO.

Just so you know (and so I can keep track) here's what we still need to do:

  • Move washer/dryer upstairs.
  • Move cabinet to new laundry room.
  • Transfer laundry supplies to cabinet, as well as tablecloths.
  • Deliver dresser (formerly full of tablecloths) to Ogden.
  • Transfer paint to shelf in storage room.
  • Call countertop guy to come and measure, and then install counters.
  • Buy and install sink.
  • Install two windows.
  • Frame and put paneling up on one wall.
  • Install ceiling tiles on half of room.
  • Install floor tiles on end of room (once they arrive in two weeks).
  • Paint entire room.
  • Change out hardware on cabinets.
  • Sell family room set.
  • Move everything (including three sets of dishes [I know, what 21 year old has three sets of dishes? I'll tell you, one whose mother collects dishes, that's who.]).
Good news is, we sold our piano! The buyer has been driving me crazy, and wasted a fair amount of my time, but finally said she would buy.

And we have done a few festive things, like attended the David Archuletta Christmas Concert with the Tab Choir, and the Salt Lake Children's Choir Christmas Concert at the Cathedral of the Madeline, and pulled off our own church Christmas program, and listened to lots of Christmas music at home and on Pandora (thanks for the Sissel CD, Annie!), and gone to the mall just to walk around and watch people. Merry Christmas, no?

Thursday, December 16, 2010

watchout friends...

I'm done with finals, I may be getting back on facebook today...

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

We are trying to sell our piano, as we are moving this month. If anyone knows anyone who might be interested, please please let me know!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

If you are on my Christmas list this year, watch out. Because you may be getting a random but awesome present found on Wantist.

Like this IceOrb:

Or this amazing cake server:

Or this awesome DK version of Jenga (A might be getting this one for Christmas):

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

pizzarelli, please.

I went to the John Pizzarelli concert with my mom last night. As usual, it did not disappoint.

He sang a song Frank Sinatra recorded in the 1980s that I had never heard before called "It's Sunday." It has taken me forever to find the name of the song, and to locate it on an album, but finally I found Pizzarelli's recording of it, on his album "Our Love Is Here to Stay."

Anyway, I've decided it's our song, A's and mine. The melody is so tender, with simple guitar accompaniment, and beautiful words. Look at these lyrics:

Drowsy morning sunlight, gentle kisses for my love
It's Sunday, it's Sunday

She needn't waken, I'll fix the eggs and bacon her way
While she just dozes
Lately I've taken to bringing her a flower on her tray
She's fond of roses

We'll talk away the morning, read the papers, misbehave
Enjoying each other
The world is ours to play in, we'll take a walk or stay in
Long and lazy hours to have and hide away in for one day
Thank goodness, it's Sunday

It is Sunday, it's Sunday

Lately I've taken to bringing her a flower on her tray
She's fond of roses

We'll talk away the morning, read the papers, misbehave
Enjoying each other
The world is ours to play in, we'll take a walk or stay in
Long and lazy hours to have and hide away in for one day
Thank goodness, it's Sunda

Friday, December 3, 2010

lately i love...

...wool socks...
...walking past the Christmas Tree lot...
...pandora holiday stations...
...knitting cables...
...reading on the train... clothes... almost-over semester...
...out-of-this-world rolls reheated...
...Harry Potter movies...
...Hoarders on Netflix...
...puppy pictures...

What do you love lately?
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