Tuesday, May 28, 2013

5 months, 2 weeks

I can't believe we are almost to the six month mark, but watching Evie every day it is clear that she is no longer my tiny baby.

First of all, she is a chunk. Chubby cheeks, chubby legs, chubby all over.  She also has two teeth now, the second one popped through last week, and jas taken up biting when she eats (ouch!). Sometimes whenshe smiles, you can see both teeth. I can't believe she's going to have a mouth full of them,  she'll look so different!

Evie also sits up more and more.  She loves to sit in the bath and splash around. She deliberately grabs things and is very interested in what we eat and drink. She's been loving solid food, but we think it was causing her some gastric distress,  so we are on a little break.

One last cute thing,  Evie loves other kids.  Her cousin was really making her giggle by playing peekaboo, and it was heart-meltingly cute.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Memory Snapshot

Today we were a little late getting home (long and boring story), so by the time we sat down to eat I'd already bathed Evie and read her most of her books.
So I put her in her little bumbo chair on the table,  and started eating.  Andrew brought me a glass of water,  and Evie leaned forward, arms outstretched, eyes on my glass.  So I got a little Tupperware cup, put a drop of water in it, and gave it to her.  She was entertained for 30 minutes!  It was amazing and adorable. She loved that cup, funny girl.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Five Months!

Happy five months, celebrated with a sharp little tooth! The tooth was discovered on Wednesday.
Evie is also skilled at pulling her toy basket over and picking out toys, while seated in her bumbo on top of the table. She's stopped taking a bottle (we're working on that one), and still doesn't love baby food. She's also recently discovered her toes, or at least the ability to grab them. And she still tries to slobber and gum on everything.

We still think she's the cutest ever, and getting cuter and smarter every day.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

20 weeks

I missed it! The weeks are just flying by. But some eventful things happened today,  or at least some new things.

Evie sat up on her own for a minute or two, and only fell over once. She tried avocado, and did not like it (though she doesn't like most foods). Then she tried frozen banana slices in one of those mesh bag things, and loved it. Not sure how much actually went down, but she sure loved gumming it!

Today Evie also discovered her daddy's beard. During story time she kept looking at him and then reaching up to touch it. It was adorable.

Did I mention that she really plays with toys now? Here is the object of every game: get the toy to her mouth.

We've had some sleep regression, she usually wakes up around midnight and  one am. I think it is a combination of her napping in the day now (which is glorious)  and growing/being hungrier.  The one night she ate a good amount of rice cereal mixed with applesauce, she slept until 4:30 am. Subsequent nights she's remembered how bland it is and clamps her little mouth shut.

The napping resulted from finally letting her cry it out. She now only cries a few minutes before falling asleep. Now, if I could only get her to sleep longer than 20-40 minutes!

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