Tuesday, January 31, 2012

weekend in review.

One of the three nice things about working the four-tens schedule is this: the long weekends.
Here's how mine went down.
Thursday night my shirt and dress from old navy arrived in the mail. Then I watched the new Parks and Rec and 30 Rocks while A did homework.
Friday I got up and made a smoothie and exercised before doing my weekly nonprofit accounting. Then I went to lunch at Couscous with friends, and then thrift shopping, where I scored a really cute bright yellow dress.
A and I were supposed to go clean our church on Friday night, but when we got there it was all done! So A did some more homework for awhile, and then we went to Smart Cookie. You can get am amazing cookie ice cream sandwich there for $3, and both times I've been the cookies have been fresh out of the oven! Yum.
Saturday I went to a stake women's conference. It was wonderful, and the lunch that followed was excellent. I wore the bright yellow dress with black tights and a cardigan, and it was a hit.
Saturday afternoon I took a little nap, and then we headed south to the Timpanogos temple. It was so beautiful and peaceful. After the temple we went to the new Buffalo Wild Wings in Lehi for dinner. A ate at BWW on his mission in Kentucky, and whenever we go on vacation we look for it. But now we have one in Utah! Hopefully one will open closer to our house. It was crazy busy, but the wings were excellent.
Anyway, overall it was just a really good weekend.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dear Old Navy,

I know I've done some complaining lately about what I perceive to be your high prices. $70 for a dress did seem rather steep to me, based on your history of trendy clotehs at low prices.

But, I've had a change of heart.

Because the butterfly dress and little birdie shirt came in the mail today. And I adore them. The prints are fantastic, the materials drape nicely, and the fit is excellent. I was worried about the length of butterfly dress, and the sleeves. But, it hits right at the knees, and the sleeves are almost perfect! I though I was going to have to add on some longer sleeves, but instead I think I'll just get a nude undershirt to wear with it. And the little birdie shirt is just precious.

Granted, I did have a gift card, free shipping, and a coupon code for 30% off, so I only had to spend $3 on these two beauties, but still. I'm impressed.

So consider this my official apology.



Friday, January 20, 2012

my girlfriend's boyfriend

Happy Friday everyone!

To celebrate this day, I did a little shopping.  At Forever 21 I picked up some glitter polish, so I can fulfill one of my Pinterest pins.
this is the polish.

this is the pin.
I also got some jeans, of the $10 variety. They are very dark, and hopefully will stay up and not shrink up.
here are the jeans

I looked at Old Navy, Ross, and TJ Maxx (in addition to Forever 21) for some colored jeans, but they were either more than I wanted to spend, an odd color, or not my size. If any of you know fo a good source, please let me know! I did find a new flat iron at TJ Maxx. My Chi flat iron broke nearly a year ago, and I've been using a cheapo one that is probably ruining my hair. This new one I got today (it is really for my birthday, next month) was a third of the usual price, and looks like this:
it has roses on it!

On another note, tonight A and I are going to see Mike Birbiglia perform his new one-man show, My Girlfriend's Boyfriend, at Kingsbury Hall.

We heard him do a piece on This American Life awhile ago, and loved it. It was a "driveway moment" for us, except in the grocery store parking lot. You can listen to it here.

I'm really excited. We're also going to Rubio's for free fish tacos. If you join their email list, they send you free taco coupons every once-in-awhile, and they are so delicious.

So, here's to Fridays! What are you doing this weekend?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

thoughts on pinterest

image via pinterest
I read into pins way too much. If you've posted a pin of anything article of maternity clothing, or a series of baby photos, announcements, clothes, or nurseries, I probably think you are pregnant.

I pinned the picture above, and no, I'm not pregnant, in case any of you were reading into my pins.

Friday, January 13, 2012

hawaii 08 and 09

marta's boat!

my souvenir, and note the tahitian gardenia in my hair

island air prop plane, it was tiny!
Short Version

Day 08: Kapaa, Lihue, Maui
Day 09: San Francisco, Salt Lake City
Wore: thrifted chambray, leggings, TOMS
East tee (gift), thrifted cardi, thrifted linen pants, Born sandals
Dined: picnic on the beach
Activities: Marta's Boat, scenic drive, Lihue Museum, flying home!

Long Version
On our last day in Kauai, we did some last minute souvenir shopping at the ABC store, where I got some freshwater pearls. We packed up and checked out of our condo mid-morning, and hit the road. We stopped off at a shop on the side of the road. The sign said "Marta's Boat," and I assumed it was some kind of a boat rental place, and planned to just take some pictures with the sign. We got out of the car, and there was a guy outside that not only offered to take the picture for us, but invited us inside to see the "Marta's Boat" tee shirts! Turns out he was Ambrose, Marta's husband, and Boat stands for boutique! Inside were racks of clothes that Marta had made herself, with fabrics printed by Ambrose. You can see in the picture above the shirt I chose. 
Before we left, Ambrose gave me and my mom each a Tahitian gardenia, and they smelled so good! We ended up leaving them at the Buddhist alter in the sacred forest, a place we stopped along our scenic drive. Then we drove into Lihue and went to the museum, and finally to a beach in Lihue for a picnic lunch.

We got to the airport around three. The Island Air counter didn't open until four thirty, and our flight to Maui didn't leave until after five! The flight itself was short, and the hostess gave a nice narrative about the islands as we flew over them. 

Then it was our five our layover in Maui. We had some California Pizza Kitchen food, and chocolate frozen yogurt. A tried to nap, and I read over a copy of Instyle magazine that my dad found abandoned on the plane. I was lucky to be able to sleep most of the way to San Francisco, and with the time change we didn't really have a countdown to midnight. 

We nearly ran off the plane through the San Francisco airport, just catching our flight to Salt Lake City. I love flying home, seeing the familiar mountains, trying to identify different parts of the landscape below. And best of all, the Christmas treats that we were sick of when we left were waiting for us. We took a long nap, and went to dinner at A's sister's house, which was fabulous. 

I love vacation, but I also love seeing family, eating home-cooked food, and sleeping in my own bed!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

hawaii 07

lunch at pizzetta

historic hanapepe

theater in hanapepe

western-most bookstore in the US

outside an art gallery in hanapepe

having a virgin maitai at the luau kalamaku

luau food

Short Version

Day 07: Poipu, Koloa, Hanapepe, Lihue (for the Luau Kalamaku)
Wore: daytime - thrifted linen pants and J. Crew "york" shirt, Old Navy flip flops, nighttime - Down East tee (gift), thrifted cardi, thrifted linen pants, Born sandals
Activities: snorkeling, gallery stroll in Hanapepe, Luau Kalamaku

Long Version

Only two days of Hawaii left! On day seven we went snorkeling. We rented masks and fins from our hotel, and went to a beach in Poipu. I was kind of terrified, because let's face it: I'm not a swimmer. I was pleasantly surprised to find that snorkeling is actually pretty easy! I just floated on the surface, and most areas were shallow enough I could touch the ground or quickly reach somewhere where I could. I only got a few dings on my legs from rocks on the ocean floor, and my mask only leaked the few times I smiled or squealed when the fish came too close! We brought some cooked rice to entice the fish, which A craftily kept in his pocket, and it really worked! We saw so many cool fish.
After rinsing off at the beach, we had lunch in Koloa at Pizzetta. A had a calzone, the parents split a shrimp pizza, and I had a grilled ono fish sandwich with pasta. It was excellente. Pizzetta also sells gelato, so I got a salt pond caramel sugar cone on the way out, and it was fantastic. 
We then headed to Hanapepe, where they have a gallery stroll every Friday. We walked around the galleries and shops, and visited the western-most bookstore in the US. It was sort of heavenly, with books stacked haphazardly on every flat surface but the floor.

We also went to a luau on day seven. To get a good deal, we attended a time share presentation earlier in the week for Shell Properties (or something). We had a pep talk beforehand, about how no one would ask questions, provide excuses, or show interest, so we got out of there pretty fast. The salesman was actually really nice, and we didn't feel pressured at all. They also gave us $40, which was unexpected and really nice.

We went to Luau Kalamaku, which was at the Kilohana Plantation in Lihue. We visited the plantation earlier in the week, I think I forgot to mention it. The old house is still there, now filled with shops and a restaurant. There is a train you can take around, but it is expensive, as are the tours. We thought we could just walk around the plantation, but as we got to the area where they grow papayas, avocados, pineapples, etc., we were promptly asked to leave by a staff member wielding a large knife! He was actually part of a tour that was tasting fruits, hence the knife, but we joked about it the rest of the week anyway.

Back to the Luau. We got there, and there was confusion about our table. First the waiter said that the table they had assigned us wasn't even set, so I mentioned that we would love to sit close to the stage. He made an inquiry, and then took us to the table literally furthest from the circular stage (but close to one of the buffets). We were a little disappointed, but we settled down with our drinks and enjoyed the food. Here's what we had: fresh coconut meat and pineapple, purple sweet potato rolls, fresh papaya, salad, mac salad, thai coconut chicken, chow mein, white rice, khalua pork, that taro stuff, pineapple upside-down cake, chocolate cheesecake, rice pudding, and banana cream pie. The food wasn't great, but I didn't expect it to be. It was adequately good.

After we ate, they had a brief break before the start of the show (during dinner they had live music and some hula dancers). A waiter approached our table, and said he had a seat closer to the stage for us. We ended up really close, at a table for four, between the band stage and the circular stage where the dancers were. It was so cool! I love to watch people dance, probably because I can't do it and so I admire it a lot. The fire dancers were especially cool. Plus, the musicians were excellent, and everything was live. Overall, a great show. Even my Dad liked it, who was perhaps the most skeptical of the luau experience!

It was a great way to spend our last night in Kauai.

As we walked back to our car after the Luau, there were some puddles in the pathway. I was walking out front, and warned the rest of the group of a particularly large puddle. Immediately after my warning, A stepped in the puddle! It wouldn't have been funny if I hadn't just said, don't step in the puddle! I'm mostly posting this story here so I can remember it later.

After the Luau, we went to Walmart and got some Locals flip flops and chocolate covered macadamia nuts. They were cheaper at Walmart than even at the ABC store, fyi. We chose the macnut-toffee-chocolate-powdered sugar ones that A's sister always brings back from visiting her in-laws, and then a new flavor: macnut-coconut-chocolate. Oh, they are so good.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Mary Margaret

hawaii 06

waimea canyon

sunset on the beach

not another person to be seen

view from the car, driving along the bumpy road
Short Version
Day 06: Waimea Canyon, Koloa, "secret" beach
Wore: thrifted oversized strip shirt and Gap burmudas, Brooks trail runners
Dined: bbq chips and V8 splash, from a convenience store in Koloa
Activities: scenic driving, hiking, beach finding
Long Version

We drove up to the overlook for Waimea Canyon on day six, it is also known as the Grand Canyon of Kauai. It was beautiful! You could see distant waterfalls, which was also neat. We did some hiking around before heading out to Koloa for some snacks and then a bumpy drive to this spectacular beach.

The road was dirt, and the beach is said to be one of the few undeveloped beaches left in Kauai. Unfortunately, they close the road gate at 6:00 pm, and if you're not out by then they tow your car! So we didn't have much time there, but we did get to see some of the sunset, which was a first on this trip since our condo was on the other side of the island.

Note: I think I forgot to post something about day 05... A and I went to Hanalei and a specific beach nearby that has olivine sand (I can't remember its name, A could tell you!). Since A took a Geology class last semester, he's been slightly obsessed with rocks. We went in TWO rock/crystal shops in Kauai, and he managed to find a souvenir piece of basalt, and together we found a nice little bunch of pinhead-sized olivine at the beach. I tried to convince him to buy me a Kauai calcite ring...but for some reason he doesn't care as much for the wearable gems as I do. Anyway, we had a lovely afternoon driving along the coast, walking around Hanalei, and lounging on the beach, combing through the sand. Then we went back to Kapaa, and had shave ice. I think.

Monday, January 9, 2012


image via
image via
Sorry for the Hawaii post hiatus, I've had a bit of a detour because of a new obsession. Once Upon a Time. By obsession, I mean that I started episode one around 7pm yesterday, and didn't go to bed until I had watched all but the most recent one, which I just finished.

First, the fairytale world is beautiful. Ginnifer Goodwin is beautiful as Snow White, and her feathery gowns are spectacular (pictures to come). Second, Henry is adorable. Third, Ginnifer Goodwin as a Mary Margaret is amazing. I want to be her, minus the whole never have a happy ending thing. Her hair is great. Her makeup is great. Her clothes are great.

I must incorporate some of her into my style. This includes round collars, lace, floral prints, bright cardigans, anything flowing or soft or feminine, skinny accent belts, flats, t-straps, gold studs, and slim slacks. Makeup? Minimal. Dewy. Fresh. I love it. And at the end of the year, after I've reached my hair length goal (around my elbows), I will have her haircut. I'm determined.

Plus, her house is amazing. And the story is so fun. 

hawaii 05

mr. and mrs. at secret falls

so proud of my parents for sticking it out in the kayaks!

it was really freezing cold.


the falls

the plants in kauai are so cool!

walking tree

halo halo, which matched my shirt :)

i call this a shave ice volcano.

ono family restaurant/shave ice stand.
Short Version
Day 05: Wailua, Kapaa
Wore: same old swimwear + water shoes (next time wear chacos!), thrifted JCrew "york" tee and Gap burmudas (I was into monochromatic neutrals on this trip, for some reason)
Dined: Ono Family Shave Ice
Activities: kayaking to Secret Falls, nursing sore shoulders
Long Version
Here are my tips for kayaking. Wear sport sandals, not water shoes. Bug spray is an unnecessary and expensive add on. A light snack would suffice. Going on a tour is a good idea, because coordinating everything is probably a pain (where to rent, how to transport, where to dock, etc.). 

The river was beautiful. There were flowers floating in it all along, and it was very peaceful. We went up in the morning, so it was nice and cool. The guide was really nice, and had a lot of interesting information about the plants, animals, and island in general. Those walking trees? They can move around to get to an area with better sunlight by growing more roots on the side of the direction they want to go. So cool!

The waterfall was beautiful. It was very cool there, and we enjoyed a packed lunch on the rocks surrounding it. I contemplated going further into the water, but it was COLD! But at least I got my feet wet.

A says I wasn't doing much with my paddling, so next time I think I'll just bring a magazine along and sit back for the ride. I may not have been helping much, but upper body sure felt sore the next day!

The kayaking may have been a little ambitious for my 60+ year old parents. My dad has really bad knees and one of my mom's hips is only a year old. The way to the falls was a little tough for them (heck, it was tough for me!) but they made it the whole way and didn't complain! They hiked down to the falls, and I think they even enjoyed the kayak trip back to the boat ramp. I am so proud of them.

We were all pretty beat after kayaking, so we just relaxed, ate at the condo, and then walked over to Ono Family Shave Ice, just next door to our condo. The halo halo, which A and I shared, had beans and mixed fruit in the bottom, coconut milk, shave ice, and a scoop of sweet potato ice cream on top. The ice cream was my favorite! I want to try to make some here, it was SO good. My parents shared a more traditional shave ice, with a scoop of coconut ice cream in the middle (yum) and condensed milk on top. 

We ended another beautiful day in Kauai chilling in the condo, reading and watching cable. I devoured the book "Poison Study "(thanks to my good friend Trisha, who loaned it to me), and A read "A Long Walk to Water." Reading is one of the best parts of vacations. Along with cable in bed. Don't you agree?

Friday, January 6, 2012

hawaii, 04

A overlooking Wailua Falls

isn't my mom cute?

we kayaked this river the next day

lizard on a coconut

Short Version
Day 04: Wailua, Poipu, Spouting Horn, Koloa, Kapaa
Wore: thrifted plaid pants, RVCA shirt from Haight, hand-me-down woven leather purse
Dined: Bubba's Burgers, greasy but good!
Activities: driving and sight-seeing, window shopping, general relaxing
Long Version
We started day four intending to go  kayaking, but when we got down to the Wailua River, they were all sold out! There is a Shell gas station close by that we heard rented kayaks, so we called them and scheduled a tour for the next day.

Instead, we drove up to see Wailua falls, and then headed down the coast to the South side of the island. The scenery along the drive was spectacular. I especially loved the tree tunnel. We stopped off at the spouting horn, and browsed the row of vendors selling the same old wares as the rest of Kauai.
Then we headed back to Kapaa, where we walked around the old town a bit more and ended at Bubba's Burger for dinner. A and I split a fish sandwich, a burger, and fries. The food was good, but the wall decor was far more entertaining.

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