Saturday, August 31, 2013

Lucky Number Six

Today is my anniversary.  Six years.

And I can honestly say that I love A more now than ever before. Now he's not just my best friend, my forever-husband, my travel companion, my sleepover buddy, my restaurant partner, my number one advisor, my good deal-getter, my personal mechanic and tech expert, the person who laughs at my dumb jokes... he's my baby daddy.

I feel a bit silly typing that, but seeing A as a father has made me fall in love with him all over again. Last night, when Evie woke up at three-something in the morning,  he got up without even saying anything, and let me sleep. He reads her stories every night. He pushes her in the swing. He carries her on his shoulders, while she grips his ears like handles. He tickles her, sings to her, and sometimes dances around just to make her laugh. He never complains about any daddy duties, and is always willing to help me with whatever. It is seriously becoming .

This year we added another person to our family, and the love between is expanded and extended to that little person. A made it through another year of school, started a new job, and bought a project car. I left my job and chopped off all my hair. Next year we'll be one semester away from graduation,  hopefully the project car will be done, and some of my hair will have grown back. Who knows? Maybe we'll even be in a house.

I love you, honey. You're the best dad and husband I could have ever dreamed of. Happy six years, and here's to forever more.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Lately I have a love-hate relationship with nursing. There are the old reasons: not eating dairy is really hard for me, but it  is awesome to be able to provide Evie with this awesome, nutritious food source. And then there are new reasons.
Teething.  Need I say more? Evie hasn't been much of a biter, but these top teeth have led to a very painful latch. And when I unlatch her to try again, she gets mad, and cries, and it is hard to get her to latch again at all, let alone in a more comfortable manner.
But then she strokes my neck with her little, chubby hand, and I make a mental note to try and remember how it feels,  and wish for that moment to last forever. And I think to myself, just a few more months.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Eight months, plus a few days.

I want to remember everything at this time. It seems almost magical. Our serious, somber infant has been transformed into a babbling, bouncing baby.  Evie is constantly giving us (and everyone else) big snaggle-toothed grins. She crawles around the floor playing on her own for big chunks of time. She gives love bites (I call her a little vampire,  bare knees are her favorite). She eats a ton, even from a spoon,  which is a big deal because from four to seven months,  she was not into eating from spoons. She grunts when she wants a bite of food,  which has led to her getting bites of hamburger and other decidedly not baby foods (She mostly just gives them a good lick/suck). She gobbles pb&j, pears,  peas, applesauce pouches,  anything brad,  pasta, and the homemade baby food I made (sweet potatoes,  pumpkin apple, etc.).

Daytime sleep is still difficult. This is magnified by her newly developed skill of sitting up in her crib.  Half the time we go to get her,  she's sitting up and crying. It is pretty much the saddest thing ever.

I showed her a big plush Minnie Mouse at Costco,  abs she loved it.  Minnie gave her kisses and clapped. We went to see Minnie the next time we went shopping,  and it totally made Evie cry!  Sad and funny.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Eight Months!

Evie will turn eight months old this week
I feel like next time I blink she'll be one. There have been some significant milestones this month. She claps, especially to pat-a-cake. She scoot-crawls (prop up in crawl  stance, lunge arms pur, repeat). She has 1.5 top teeth. She sleeps through the night again, mostly. She naps well about 50% of the time. She talks to herself nonstop, especially in th car. She sticks.out her tongue, a lot. She does not sit still for stories or Baby Signing Time.

Evie makes us laugh every day. We love her to pieces. She is strong, smart, beautiful, funny,  and so very important.  And she learns new things everyday.

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