Friday, July 31, 2009


I made my own title for the daisy.doo.da blog, using pictures I took and can legally use. Hooray! It's not a logo, but it's something.
daisy.doo.das had a photoshoot this morning. I've posted the best pictures on facebook, but thought I'd feature some here too. Today's slide show features some cheesy edits I've done, where only the flower is in color. Yeah, pretty cheesy, but pretty cute too.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

I want a new hairdo. Badly. About now, my hair is pretty blah, normal sweepy bangs, with the overall length barely tickling my shoulders. Problem is, my only real option is to go shorter, but I'm trying to grow it out, so my desire for change contradicts my overall goal. If only I had a little more patience! It is also extremely difficult to find pictures of any medium haircut besides Katie Holmes' bob and Jennifer Aniston's hair, which has been the same since forever. Blah.
I am very frustrated with insurance right now. They only list 3 podiatrists on my "panel," and will not let me see the doctor I want to see, who is not on my "panel!" The silly thing is, if I had a more expensive plan, I could see this doctor. Grrrrrr. Please, Mr. Obama, can you fix my healthcare?

Monday, July 27, 2009

Carmel by the Sea, Cannery Row, Central Valley, and other such adventures.

Tonight we wrap up our wonderful vacation. Tomorrow we will sleep in our own bed for the first time since last Thursday morning (Wednesday night). Here's a summary of our trip. (I started this Monday night, by the way.)


Woke up at 5, drove like crazy, stopped in Reno to see the Sierra Trading Post Outlet.
Visited San Francisco for about three hours, two of which were spent walking in new shoes from Sierra Trading Post Outlet, which gave me some horrible blisters, five to be exact.

Parked in a bad part of town, surrounded by adult stores and entertainment. It was also very far away from the pier. Ate dinner overlooking the sea lions at pier 39, which provided the best dinner entertainment ever.

After some confusing driving to find the freeway again, and a few more hours of driving, we finally made to Monterey. The hotel we stayed in the first night was minutes away from Cannery Row, and very nice.


Woke up early, drove around Monterey/Pacific Grove, drove up to Big Sur, hiked to Pfeiffer falls. Ate lunch here, I had the open faced grilled ham and gruyere sandwich. A had split pea soup. It was delish. Then walked along the pedestrian walkway in Monterey, all the way down to Lovers Point. Dinner was KFC (I know, I know, I didn't choose this,) grilled chicken with some of A's family, who also came.


Got up at the crack of dawn, headed to Fresno to see my sister's family be sealed in the Fresno Temple, since the adoptions for her youngest two children were recently wrapped up (yay!). We were an hour early, but because we had left before hour continental hotel breakfast, we used that time to grab some breakfast at the local Safeway. It was such a happy morning, the kids were little angels, and I am very happy that the day finally came.

After the temple, we went to my sister's house for a little luncheon, time with all the family that was there, and finally a barbecue. We had to leave pretty quick after dinner so we'd have some light for the drive home. Most of the drive from Merced to Monterey was through beautiful, beautiful farmland. Part of it was on a rural road that was just swarming with pretty little yellow butterflies. I love that drive.


We had a leisurely Sunday. We had a nice nap, and spent the afternoon walking around the beach houses in Carmel, taking pictures for inspiration for the house we hope to build someday. We picnicked for dinner.


We went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, my favorite! I loved the jellies, as usual, but this year they had a whole section of seahorses, which were so cool. In the afternoon, we walked downtown Carmel. Dinner at Fishwife was a nice finish to our stay, where I had Cajun-spiced local snapper with pasta. It was good.


We woke up at 4:00 California time to hit the road early. It worked, we made it home between six and seven, I think. We had some good snacks for the drive from Trader Joe's. Some of the best were the toffee and chocolate covered pistachios, tomato basil hummus and sea salt pita chips, and fat free caramel corn. We also finished listening to the last Harry Potter on CD in our driveway, the last chapter was in progress as we pulled up, and I insisted we stay in the car till it was over. We are now going to start watching all the movies, which I'm excited for.

So that was our trip, I'll post pictures, I promise. A has the camera right now. Overall, it was wonderful. I am still recovering today, are you supposed to have to recover from vacation? I thought vacations were supposed to be relaxing!

Monday, July 20, 2009


-We have been finding earwigs in disturbing places. Yesterday, one crawling in the keyboard of my computer. Two days ago, one crawling in the microwave, while A was cooking oatmeal. How did it not explode in there? How did it even get in the microwave? Gross.

-I got a really cute coat for $50 at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. It is black wool, fitted, and long to mid-thigh or so.

-We are now enjoying not only yellow and green zucchini from the garden, but white and green cucumbers. Yum.

-I really need to start selling some of the doo-das I've made, because I want to try some new techniques, which involves buying more materials, which I cannot do until I've recouped my costs from the past month of crafting.

-Apple-cinnamon mini rice cakes are my new favorite snack. They aren't good for you, but they aren't bad either. They are like crunchy-sweet air. They are also 10 for $5 at Smith's right now.

-The latest Harry Potter movie was very good. Don't take my word for it, because I mostly like every movie I see, except Ghost Rider, that was especially dumb. A was dying to know what happens next, since the movie does end rather abruptly, so we got the book on CD from the Library to listen to on our road trip to Carmel. I am very excited for both the trip and the book on CD.

-I'm plotting a craft night, in two or three weeks. I think we should make these adorable bracelets, as suggested by my good friend C. I figure, most people know someone who sews and has extra fabric, and most craft stores have cheap wooden beads. All that is left are findings and wire. I was thinking maybe you could thread the beads on thin ribbon, which would cut the cost of wire/findings. Who is in?


Sunday, July 19, 2009


Last night I was thinking about making flowers out of fabric, but realized I had left all my material at Trisha's house when we were working together. So then I had an idea. I went to my DI basket, and picked out a funny tank top I never really liked, and cut it up. I made a medium sized flower, a bigger flower, and cut off the top of the tank and made it into a headband. I really wish I had taken a picture before I cut it up so you could see what it looked like! Anyway, I wore one of the flowers today, attached temporarily with medical tape to a clip. I think they turned out smashingly.
I took down the "logos" because I was feeling nervous about copyrights. Though they were taken from MS Word Clipart, I did alter them, and they would be used for-profit, so I'm not so sure it is okay. I actually did think about copyrights when I made the logos, which is why I didn't just use a Google Images picture. Oh well... maybe my mom will make a pretty watercolor flower for me.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

3 &4

option 2 logo


So I've been working really hard on my soon-to-be business of flower clippies and bows. It's called daisy.doo.da. So far I have more than 40 items, and last night I worked on making tags. I also spent some time yesterday with my super cute friend Trisha making more clips with flowers she purchased a few months ago. We incorporated tulle and feathers on some, making bride appropriate hair pieces. Hopefully now they will sell! We had so many ideas yesterday, but are waiting for some money to come in before we buy any more materials. Right now I don't have it set up to sell on the internet, just in Trisha's salon or through me. She has graciously offered to put them up on her website, so they will be available online soon!

Trish had a really cute idea...

I was talking about how I want photographs of the clips on little girls, not just on my kitchen table, and she suggested a little photo shoot, where we'd invite all our nieces, do their hair, and have them model the different clips. (Moms of Nieces: beware, this will be coming up! I will let you know...)I think this could be adorable. I also want to have an idea slideshow, with pictures of different ways adults and children can wear the clips, like on a hat, a headband, a purse, an up-do, etc.

Anyway, I have the blog I've made up linked on this blog, so you can check it out if you want. However, like I said, I haven't set it up so you can purchase online, so you'll just have to email or call me if you see something you like!

ps, I made my own "logo," pictured above, but it is really just for the title picture on the blog, and has some serious flaws. Hopefully it will change soon.

Monday, July 13, 2009

our little piece of earth

Today we weeded in the garden. There was a lot of morning glory and "pig weed" and loads of ants. I picked some beans too, purple beans and green beans. It's quite a jungle.

tromping through the mountains

So I guess I better give some commentary on the pictures from White Pine Lake. Here's how things went down:

A has had the same backpack he got when he was twelve. I have no backpack at all. Luckily, we have outdoorsy and very generous family that loaned me a very nice pack, sleeping bag, and sleeping pad. Since it was my first backpacking trip, A carried most of the heavy duty stuff, like the camping stove, the pots/pans, the tent, the gallon of water, the first aid kit, etc. In my pack, I had a sleeping bag and pad, a pillow, a mug, sweats, toiletries (toothbrush/paste, sunscreen, tums, and such)and some snacks. My pack was not feather, but much lighter than A's. So, we got everything together and packed, hopped in the truck, and set off.

Twenty minutes into our journey, A realized he'd forgotten his little bum-bag with all his water and food, so we had to go back home. So we got up to Logan a little later than planned, grabbed some lunch, and headed up Logan Canyon. We got up to Tony Grove, and even there the wildflowers were amazing. We parked and took one last sit on a real toilet, and started up the trail. White Pine Lake is about 4 miles each way, uphill right at first, then flat for awhile as you pass through a meadow, and then downhill into a basin, where the lake sits.

A let me hike in front to set the pace. I think he was a bit worried I would have a hard time. I felt like I had to prove myself so I tried to set a fairly brisk pace. He told me he thought I was going to smoke him at first, because I was going pretty fast. I attribute it to our packs, since mine was so much lighter. I also tend to always start to fast on hikes. Let's just say that we evened out in speed.

I thought the journey was actually okay, it was hard, physically challenging, but I didn't feel like I was dying or anything, and I was definitely not miserable. Perhaps the green rolling hills, blooming flowers, and perfectly blue sky helped.

We reached the lake pretty quickly, it seemed like an hour and a half or so. We found a spot right by the lake, far away from the boy scouts and rowdy USU students. Our nice neighbors gave us some wood, so we started a fire, set up our tent, and started dinner (low-fat velveeta mac and cheese with fat free hotdogs. I know, we're gourmet).

I figured we should probably try the bathroom we'd seen a sign for on our way in, so after dinner we followed the signs up there. The "bathroom" was an outhouse that looked right out of a horror movie, and smelled like it too. This was bad news for me, since doing business in the bushes has never been one of my fortes. After trying some different positions, and with A standing watch, I finally somehow relaxed enough to go, the yelling and shouting down the hill was not helpful.

I was thankful for my long sweats, because the mosquitos were out in full force that evening. Finally I convinced A to come into the tent and play cards. Somehow I'm very lucky when playing cards, to the extent that my opponents get discouraged enough they don't want to play anymore. Uno was no exception. I smoked A. Smoked him. Then it got dark, and the mosquitos were gone, so we went out by the fire and chilled. Around ten thirty we went to bed, and neither of us slept well at all. I kept waking up and thinking, "Why am I awake? Is it morning?" I usually have no problem sleeping anywhere, so this was no good.

We got up fairly early, before the scouts/USU kiddos who had stayed up very late (and loud) the night before. We cooked up some oatmeal with crasins, brown sugar, and cinnamon, and drank cider before packing up and heading out. We also spent a good amount of time trying to find a suitable place for me to go to the bathroom. After stressing much, we decided to hike out a bit first and find somewhere more private and secluded. This time was not as easy as the first, but I survived. I also got a bloody nose, not the most fun thing when you're camping.

The hike out was beautiful. It was early, maybe eight in the morning, very cool with a nice breeze. It also seemed that more flowers and blossomed just overnight. It was really nice to have the uphill first, downhill at the end, though my ankles were not doing so hot on the way back. I was wearing trail runners, which were comfortable but offered no ankle support.

We made it back to the truck intact, with plenty of snacks left, which we took care of on the way home. I'm still sore from this trip today, but no worse for the wear. I definitely think I would do it again, and A is already designing a contraption to make the bathroom experience easier for me. I've already rejected the idea of a toilet seat swing.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

diet update

So, I'm only halfway on the bandwagon these days. I exercised for the first time in a long time last night, and while I don't exactly eat 6 times a day, I watch my portions, calories, and fat intake. Good news is? I've lost 7.2 pounds (!!!). That's almost ten. I'm pretty happy about it. Now if I could just focus that loss to happen on my botto...

Monday, July 6, 2009

next generation

My cute sister introduced me to Wobby Wobby (Hobby Lobby) today. We got some more flower clippie supplies, and spent the afternoon making different combinations of flowers and centers. Here's a slide show of what we came up with. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have an Etsty account or a blog set up so we can get this show on the road!

As far as pricing goes, I think I'm going to price according to the cost of supplies. Some flowers will only be $3, others will be $4 or $5.

The flowers don't look nearly as cute on my tablecloth as they do on a little curly head, or on top of little pigtails. I think I may know some cute little ones that would make perfect models.

ps, any recipients of first generation flowers that would like to trade for second generation flowers, let me know!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

feeling crafty

So I was at the fabric store yesterday (a dangerous place, indeed) and decided to pursue a simple craft I've been wanting to try for a long time: flower clippies. It helps that the number of nieces in my family is increasing. I found some white daisies in two sizes on sale, covered buttons for 50% off, 1/4 yards of cute fabric for only $1, grosgrain ribbon, and some craft glue at the fabric store.Then I headed to Sally Beauty Supply and got a 12 pack of hair clips for only $1.50.

I made nine clips with the white flowers, and still have a lot more blossoms I can use. I ran out of covered buttons, since I only bought two packages, and decided one of the sizes was too small, so I started using cute craft paper for the centers. Next week I may try to find something like this to put over the paper to make the centers more durable.

I went back to the fabric store today to take advantage of the 50% off notions wall and get some more covered buttons to continue making these flowers. I also picked up two more bunches of flowers, one like pink and white carnations, the other almost like a fuchsia chrysanthumum. I also got two more rolls of grosgrain, one striped the other with little flowers, for only $1 each, just to spice up my product a bit. I made a few more flowers today, but only have one clippie left, so most of them are white so far. More to come.

My goal with this project is to maybe sell them somewhere, I'm hoping my friend will be open to selling them in her two salons. I'd ask probably $3 for one, or two for $5. What's your feedback on that price? Too low? Too high? I also am excited to give them as gifts to all my cute nieces. Two so far have gotten some, but they were the first ones I made, so maybe not the best. I'll post instructions on how I made mine later, since A is anxious to get to our 4th celebrations, and so am I!

Friday, July 3, 2009


-Today I found and earwig under my laptop. I really, really don't like earwigs.

-I am an auntie again, and going to see the little one today. I love being an aunt!

-Last weekend A and I went up to Park City for a free night at the Westgate resort in exchange for listening to a timeshare schpeel. We had issues getting there: the BMW was still not insured, and when we went to start ol' reliable (the Summit) it wouldn't start and the battery wouldn't hold a charge. So, we pulled up to this 5-star resort in A's rusty old pickup. For dinner we went to Cafe Trang, and then went to see Transformers, which I really liked. My favorite part of the whole trip was the jetted tub in our room. It wasn't even a big one, just jetted. When the sales rep was giving us the schpeel, he wasn't taking us seriously at all and was going to shorten our presentation. He probably was thinking, "These people don't own a house and are really young, there's no way they would buy a time share!" But then we started showing some interest, because it did sound pretty good, he ended up giving us a tour and offering to put us up in a bigger room for another night. We are not the kind of people who buy things on impulse, so we were going to go home and discuss maybe buying one of the suites that is in foreclosure and is now the price of the smaller rooms, but they were so anxious to have us buy then that they told us the deal was void if we left that day. Needless to say, we didn't buy. It really was pretty painless, not high pressure, if you can handle the whole, "if you don't buy right this very minute you won't have another chance." If anyone is interested (we got $50 bucks cash too!) email me and I'll hook you up with my friend that does the booking.

If you made it through that big long paragraph, here are some more hodgepodge thoughts:

-I got a canner at the DI this week, and a hammered aluminum tray that rotates. It is pretty nifty.

-I've been trying to keep my house clean, one room at a time. Here's what I do: clean one or two rooms on any given day, or just clear up one major hot spot, like the couch full of clean laundry, and then try really hard to maintain the cleanliness. So far, so good!

-I think I have the best families in the whole world. Family get-togethers are about my favorite thing ever.

-I'm planning a tomato sandwich party for August, since we have 27 heirloom tomato plants and who knows how many volunteers from last year. Problem is, there are so many people I want to come, I may have to have multiple parties. There's my family, including extended, A's family, including extended, and friends and neighbors I'd like to come too. I just don't think our backyard is big enough for all that at the same time. Picture this though: sliced tomatoes in shades of yellow, orange, green burgundy, purple, and bright red, exotic cheeses, good bread, and lots of bacon. Other garden items would also be acceptable. I'm hoping for raspberries and watermelon.

-I don't really like capers. Blech.

-My favorite meal lately, eaten around 10:00 each day: sliced casaba melon, sliced strawberries, 1/4 cup (more or less) of cottage cheese, 1/4 cup Mountain High fat free vanilla yogurt.
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