Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Germany Day 3

cars and parking are crazy in Germany
 Day three was the prep day for the show (which was the whole reason we were in Germany). I wore my black tunic top, red scarf, jeans, and Reeboks.

in front of Alte Oper

Frankfurt tower
We went to Messe (the convention center) first, but had to try to track down some little screws to fix the Apple monitor to its stand. So we went in search of an Apple store. We took the train, the S-Bahn, to Hauptbahnhoff, and then walked from there. The Apple store was on Bockenheimer street, which is actually a really nice pedestrian shopping street. We got to walk past the Alte Oper (old opera house), and through a city park on they way. Turns out, we could have saved time and energy by just taking another train there, but oh well. They didn't have the screws anyway, and from there A and I went off on our own to do some exploring. One of my favorite things to do on vacation is just to walk along interesting streets and see what there is to bee seen. Restaurants, shops, interesting buildings, people dining at sidewalk cafes, things like that. And we saw plenty. We walked over to the river, which has a beautiful walkway along it, and walked across to the row of museums. We intended to go to the Museum of Communication, and by that point I was pretty desperate to find a WC. We walked in, and approached the man at the front desk. He informed us that they were closed, and when we asked if they had a bathroom he said no. So we left, feeling disappointed.

A in front of the river
currywurst and fanta

We walked along the street, looking for somewhere for lunch, and for a WC. And for a bank. We found a free WC in the U-Bahn station (subway), and a bank after that, and then sat outside and had some delicious currywurst and fries. After the WC discovery, things improved greatly.

the cathedral

loving Frankfurt!
We took U-Bahn over to see the main cathedral in Frankfurt. It was beautiful, and they were even tuning the organ while we were there, so we got to hear some of the lowest notes it can play, which was cool. After that, we took the train back to Messe, finished the booth setup, and then went back to Dombach.

The owner of the house we stayed in told us about a few restaurants that served traditional German food. For dinner on Monday, we tried to find one. We ended up at a little place nearby, with tables on the grass and a German-only menu. Our waitress spoke enough English to help us order, but it was still difficult. I had pork schnitzel with gravy and potatoes that were kind of like hashbrowns, A had pork cordon blue with fries, and our brother-in-law had pork schnitzel with mushrooms and gravy, and fries.  It was pretty good, and the outdoor setting was lovely (it got very dark out there in the country, and the restaurant lighting around us was quite charming).

Again, more Ticket to Ride, and then bedtime. I think I actually won once on Monday...

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