Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Germany Day 4

Day four, I wore the dark gray chino capris, the blue and white striped shirt, and navy TOMS.

We all drove to Messe together, and from there I took the train, by myself, into downtown Frankfurt. Thankfully, the train system there is very intuitive, and I had no problems.

city hall square
city hall building
belly, toms, umbrella, and German pavers
center statue and church
neat details on my walk
i love all the flowers around town
neat statues holding up the bridge
I got off at the cathedral (Dom Romer stop), and walked over to the historic City Hall. It is in a lovely square, with a statue in the center. There was a man playing the accordion, and several tourist souvenir shops. I bought a Christmas tree ornament at one of the shops(a wooden clown, with a pull-string that makes his arms and legs move up and down), and admired hand-knit wool sweaters at another. Then I crossed the street and just walked for awhile. I ended up on Ziel street, the main shopping shopping area in Frankfurt. I looked in a ship filled with beautiful shoes. It smelled like leather, and I wanted to buy every pair in the shop. Then I walked over to the Goethe House, and walked through the house and museum. I didn't pay for the English audio guide, so I didn't get much out of it, but it was interesting and they had a WC!
pretty Goethe house

outside the Goethe house
I stopped at a bakery for lunch, had a sandwich and mineral water. I didn't even had the mineral water, which made me feel very European. Then I had some gelato (hazelnut and truffle-something flavors), and got back on the train. I had made it until 3:00 by myself! Though I had tired feet and hips, I felt quite proud of that accomplishment.

my gelato

Back and Messe, I sat at a cafe, read more of the Guernsey book, drank a Fanta (which in Germany is more like a San Pellegrino than Shasta orange soda), and fell asleep a few times. I noticed around 5:00 pm that the cafe employee was starting to clean up, so I got up to leave. He told me I had not passed go, that they were open until 6:00 pm, and that I was welcome to come and sit whenever. So nice!

Anyway, after the show the guys were exhausted and starving. Neither had taken a break for lunch. So we stopped at a pizzeria in Bad Camberg and ordered some to take home. They did not have an English menu either, and spoke almost no English. So we did our best, and the pizza was pretty good.

I think we were all too tired to play the train game that night.

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