Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Saturday is a Special Day

A actually had a Saturday off last week, and we definitely took advantage of it. After running a small errand for the shop, we headed off to the Farmers Market. We were on the hunt for some delicious fall apples, and came home with 12 ears of corn, some delicious farmhouse Gouda cheese, peaches, apples, pears, and a huge bag of kettle corn that is now almost gone. We tasted some Beehive Cheese that was spectacular. Here's a description:
This is a full bodied cheese with a nutty flavor and smooth texture. The cheese is hand rubbed with a Turkish grind of Colorado Legacy Coffee Company's (The Cheesemakers brother) "Beehive Blend". The blend consists of a mix of South American, Central American, and Indonesian beans roasted to different styles. French Superior Lavender buds are ground with the coffee and the mixture is diluted with oil to suspend the dry ingredients in the rub. The rub imparts notes of butterscotch and caramel which are prevalent near the rind, but find their way to the center of the cheese. The cheese is aged on Utah Blue Spruce aging racks in our humidity controlled caves, and moved to different temperature during the aging process to develop texture and flavor. The name "Barely Buzzed" comes from Andrea at Deluxe Foods in California. She was the winner of the name this cheese contest.

Mmmmmmmnn... sounds delicious, yeah? That's not what we bought, but it was definitely the star of the show.

After the Farmers Market we went to NPS, which arguably stands for "Not Particularly Safe." I found some great primary supplies, like giant autumn leaves and apples that will be great for sticking up on the chalkboard with songs written on the backs. We also picked up some Pastaroni and Riceroni, for only 89 cents instead of a dollar. Over on the industrial side, I picked out seed packets, 10 for a dollar plus 70% off, while A perused the disheveled automotive stuff. (I came out with 31 packets for 99 cents!)

After that we had planned a trip to the DI on 45th, but I had had the hiccups all day and it was starting to hurt, so I just went home instead while A worked on his truck at his parents' house. (The registration for his Eclipse expired this month, so he's hustling buns to finish that thing.)

All in all, it was a great day.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


We've rented three movies in the past week, and two out of three were definitely worth it.

The first was Mamma's Boy, with John Heder, and it was so bad I can't even describe it. For those of you that were sucked in like we were, I feel for you, and for those who haven't watched it yet, stay away! If any of you liked it, you are crazy and have poor taste in movies.

Friday of this week we rented Be Kind Rewind, with Jack Black. This movie was sooooo good. I loved it. The Fats Waller music definitely added to the overall panache.

Last night, we got Kite Runner from RedBox, and it was not disappointing. It did go through the events of the book rather quickly, but all movies-that-were-books-first do that, except Lord of the Rings, but not everyone wants to spend 4 hours in a movie theater. I read the book in my honors junior English class, A hasn't read the book. We both enjoyed it, and agreed that though the story is very, very sad, it is good.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


That's what my nephew S used to call them. We bought one this week, hooray! It's a Strohber Upright Grand, built around 1930. A and I have both been playing it randomly since we got it on Thursday. It definitely is playable, though it needs some serious work. Our bro-in-law D, whose father was a piano expert, came with us at the initial visit. He tested the tuning, the whole piano is a half step flat. When he touched on of the strings to try to tune it up, it broke, so pretty much we have to restring the whole thing. D says it will be easy. We also need to replace all the key tops. Some are ivory with chips, some are replaced with plastic, just the heads, and some have nothing on them at all. Today I'm going to work on getting the beautiful wood looking spic-and-span, and perhaps on getting all the key tops off. Our piano has had some tough love, but it really is beautiful, and despite it being out of tune, it really does have a nice sound.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Girls Night Out

Today is my sister M's birthday. In celebration, Grandpa put the kids to bed, and we went to dinner with Mom. We knew we also wanted to go to REI to check out their Dansko clogs, so we hopped on 33rd and headed east. We ended up going to Lugano, a restaurant I performed at when I was in high school madrigals. I remembered it looking really nice, and I've wanted to eat there ever since. Long story short, we went there and it was phenomenal. For starters, they brought out the bread and butter, the bread was good, but the butter was served cold, which irritating. They also brought these tiny olives that were so tastey. I ate six, M ate five, and Mom at eighteen. They were very small, and probably the best olives I'ves ever eaten. Onto the main courses, I had Pork with Risotto. M had fettuccini with Italian sausage, fresh mushrooms,red onion, spinach and tomato cream sauce. Mom had spaghetti with napa cabbage, pancetta, toasted garlic, cauliflower, olive oil and ricotta salata. For dessert we had lavender panna cotta with berries, yum. I would highly, highly reccomend it. So, happy birthday M! Thanks for making an excuse to go out just us girls, we really ought to do this more often. Too bad the third sister lives in California...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I'm trying to make a better blog, experimenting with a free online photoshop-like program. I can't get the title to center, and it's driving me NUTS. Any advice is welcome :)

cha cha cha changes

Before and afters! Trisha did my hair on Saturday, at her in-home salon. Here are som pictures, though today I had her add more brown-red, that much platinum was a littly too much for my hubby. I also can't do my fringe like that, and nevery get that much volume out of my hair, and mostly do it curled under. The pictures will give you teh basic idea...

Monday, September 8, 2008


We had a fantastic 2nd honeymoon, a.k.a. our anniversary trip. We spent Friday, Saturday, and Monday at Disneyland and California Adventure. Sunday, we attended a local church meeting and then went to the beach. Highlights were the Hollywood Tower of Terror, the new Toy Story ride, and a romantic dinner at the Blue Bayou, better known as the restaurant inside of Pirates of the Carribean. The Toy Story ride really was so fun, it was much better than the Nemo submarine ride, which we waited for more than 70 minutes to go on. We watched one of the last Alladin shows for the next few months, as VIP's courtesy of the Dream Team, which meant we got the best seats in the house. It was so fun to be there together, and it made us even more excited to go there someday, a long time in the future, with little ones.

1 year

I've been putting this off, wondering how to say it just right. So, get ready for some fantastic cliches.
It's been 1 year, 1 week, and 1 day since I tied the knot with the love of my life. Call me crazy for becoming the child bride, but I couldn't be happier. A is the hardest working, most considerate, funniest, silliest, most understanding, dish-doing, falsetto-singing, money saving, dinner grilling, cheese and milk consuming, most perfect person I could ever have hoped for. Every day I spend with him makes me a better person. He is someone I know will never let me down, who will always be there for me, and who will love me through thick and thin. There is nothing I wouldn't do for him, I'd follow him to the ends of the earth. There were so many things that came up when we were dating made us know that it was meant to be. All I can say is, I'm the luckiest woman in the world.
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