Monday, May 3, 2010

facebook is ruining this blog

Half the time I just update my status instead of posting. Not today.

1. They changed the trax schedule. Cut most of the direct to university trains.
2. I didn't know this till I let the SLC train pass and then wondered why "my" train hadn't come yet.
3. I hate UTA for this. Hate hate hate. Maybe if their head honcho didn't take huge bonuses, we'd actually have funding for good service.
4. U of U students fund trax anyway, so we should get priority service, not service cuts.
5. I just took my first/last/only final of the semester. It feels so good to be done.
6. Now I have to write a paper. By 5:00. And I don't even know what to write about.

That is all.


alyddall said...

That is the pits about your trax trains. However, how do you measure that university students fund trax when you all get free passes?

Good luck on your paper!

Emma said...

marta, how dare they!!! i rely so much on the sandy/university trains. that makes me so mad. thanks for blogging about this...otherwise i wouldn't have known!

Marta said...

It may seem that we get "free" passes, but we pay a pretty price for them with our student fees, which go up every semester. All students pay into the trax system, whether or not they actually ride the train. It is my theory that we wouldn't have gotten trax at all if it weren't for a university willing to support it with student fees (though the Olympics played a significant role as well).

alyddall said...

I wondered that - if it was spelled out in the fees you pay for the U. So do you know how much each student has to pay? I am interested. I bet it would be pretty easy to get a bunch of fellow-students to help complain to the UTA or to the U of U administration. If you pay for it, you definitely should have a say in the schedule!

We have all always wondered how Trax came to be, since there was so much opposition and so little support.

Marta said...

Emma, I know! I pretty much exclusively took direct trains, and had memorized the schedule, so this really messes me up. Plus, they were always full! Why cut trains that are so heavily used?

Ali, so here's the deal. I checked into the fees, for this summer I'll be paying $25.50 for a transportation fee, since I'm taking 12 credit hours. The fee is proportional to hours, and is different for sophomores/jrs./seniors/undergrads/grads/residents/nonresidents. Granted, it is less than I would pay for a month pass, but like I said, everyone, regardless of usage, pays the fee, for every semester.

Chelsea Lauren said...

Gag, I'm sorry! I stopped riding those the Trax trains cause they were so packed, and now they just cut the service, what.a.freaking.joke.

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