Saturday, September 15, 2012

observations from Germany

  • strangers don't smile in passing
  • restaurants and stores do not have public bathrooms
  • drinking fountains are non-existent
  • drivers do not pass on the right, ever
  • you don't leave a cash tip on the table, you have to tell them how much you want to tip before they run your credit card or bring you change
  • restaurants "let" you sit for a very long time after you've finished eating, before they bring you the bill
  • everyone smokes
  • everyone walks everywhere
  • people eat whatever they want (gelato for a snack? sure. croissants and pastries for breakfast? why not. fries with every meal? yes please.)
  • the walking and smoking cancel out the eating, and almost everyone is thin, minus the occasional beer belly
  • toilets have two flush options (#1 and #2)
  • men are almost all clean-shaven
  • people wear really nice shoes, mostly leather
  • streets smell mostly good, like scrumptious things baking
  • train stations smell mostly bad (see observation about no public bathrooms)
  • pork is the meat of choice (pork schnitzel, pork bratwurst, pork cordon blue, etc.)

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