Sunday, May 31, 2009


The only running shoes I have are Brooks Cascadia 2 trail runners, pictured above. I got these when my sister and her husband were working at a comfort shoe store in Las Vegas. My parents paid for them, and I think they were a bit expensive, as most Brooks are. This is what I wear when I exercise, and they are tolerable. It's difficult because my ankles pronate, meaning they roll in, so I need corrective insoles. These insoles are not the softest, and aren't meant to be. When I'm exercising I really want a shoe that will not just support and correct, but have some shock absorption.

I'd really like to retire my Cascadias to just hiking shoes, which they are great for, and get some true running shoes. Unfortunately, this is expensive, and I think A expects me to go to the local big box and get something for $20, which I'm not too interested in. What I'd like is another pair of Brooks, so if you have a favorite just let me know.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

weekend update

Thank you everyone for the thoughtful (and helpful) comments on the last post. I have started tracking calories, and realized that the protein does not justify all the calories, even in natural peanut butter.

For dinner last night I made Chicken Parmesan, from Cook's Illustrated Best Light Recipes. It involved chicken cutlets, flour seasoned with garlic powder, salt, and pepper, egg whites, and toasted whole wheat panko bread crumbs mixed with a little parmesan. I think it was just over 300 calories for one serving, and it was delish. Unlike most faux-fried chicken, it was crisp, juicy, and golden brown. Paired with the chicken we had steamed broccoli, and A had some whole wheat pasta with marinara. I skipped the extra carbs to keep my calories down. (Full recipe will be posted by request.)

I also went running last night. A and I went together. The only running I've ever really done was in Jr. High, when you had to run "the mile" in gym class. A was a soccer player, and I have a feeling he did his fair share of running.

We left our house high energy, ran along the trailer court to get to the parkway. By the time we were past the trailers I was exhausted, but kept going for a bit on the parkway. I started seeing white spots, which was odd, and took a puff from my inhaler for asthma. Not too far onto the parkway I had to walk for a bit. I told A that I would just meet him at home, so he disappeared into the distance.

I walked fast, passing the old people on the trail, and then took an unexpected detour. See, there is this part of the parkway where to continue on the trail you have to turn right and go over a bridge, while the logical straight pat takes you into a neighborhood of Ivory homes. I didn't know this, so I went straight, and ended up in the neighborhood. Luckily there is another neighborhood entrance to the parkway further down, so I just took that to get home.

I continued walking and running alternately, setting small goals as I went, like "I'll run to the next street and then I'll walk." This was helpful. Though I did some stretching before, I was already sore when I got home. Today, my back hurts, my achilles area hurts, and most of all, where my hips and legs join HURTS. The good news? I'm down one pound. At least for now.

Friday, May 29, 2009

no results, no motivation.

So A and I have been doing this crazy diet/workout schedule for the past three months that goes like this:

Workout 4-6 days per week, at least 20 minutes. 40 is better. This is usually on the elliptical.

Eat a heart-healthy serving of oatmeal (3/4 cup dry) every morning with berries, honey/agave, a scoop of milled flax, and some milk. An alternate is 2 T all natural unsalted peanut butter, sliced banana, honey/agave, flax, and milk.

For lunch and dinner, eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, very little or no saturated fat, and for protein either beans, tofu, chicken, or turkey.

Lunch example: leftover veggie pizza on whole wheat crust, on it would be spinach, yellow squash, green peppers, mushrooms, red onions. On the side, carrots and cucumber with hummus, watermelon, an apple, grapes, and some raw unsalted almonds.

Dinner example: grilled chicken and vegetables, and brown rice. Green beans/zuccini cooked in no-sodium chicken broth are also delicious, which I learned from my awesome sister-in-law.

So, this sounds pretty healthy, right? Dessert is either a few bites of Soy Delicious ice cream, or a few fat-free redvines. Occasionally we go to Roxberry and get some all-fruit smoothies. We no longer binge on extreme moosetracks ice cream, or go out for wings every other week. We don't really eat fatty frozen food, and our cheese intake has significantly decreased. We check the labels on everything. On top of that, we actually exercise, while before we never did.

Results? A has lost 20+ pounds. (Who knew he had 20 pounds to lose?) I lost 3 pounds, then gained them back, and have lost another 2. TWO POUNDS! This is very frustrating, my friends. It is very hard to be motivated to keep eating my weight in oatmeal and exercise in pretty much the only time I have after work and dinner before bed. I need some real results, so I'm thinking of doing this. What do you think? Any suggestions?

Thursday, May 21, 2009


My old hotmail account has been hacked, and junk mail has been sent to the hundreds of contacts I had. If you are included in this, I am so sorry! I have changed my password, deleted my contacts to try to prevent more spamming, and taken the first step to delete the account, though it won't actually delete for 200 days. Anyway, this is a bummer. Again, I'm sorry if the fake me spammed you.

Monday, May 18, 2009

i missed you too!

Today after work I headed to Ogden with my parents to visit my sister M and see her new house. We toured her little bungalo (so cute!) and then headed out for some dinner. I rode with M and her almost two-year-old redheaded R, and the whole ride little R was saying, "Missed you, Marta, missed you!" It was so funny and so cute. At dinner she would look at me, tilt her head, and say, "I wuv you, Marta." My heart melted. I think I'll be making that trek again soon.

Friday, May 15, 2009

this little piggy stayed home

I have the day off today, and it feels good. Though I must say, I love my new job. The people there are unbelievably nice, I have my own office most of the time with a window view of the mountains, they had donuts for my first day, and I'm actually doing work that is meaningful. My new boss is going to teach me how to write grants which could potentially turn into a money-maker, and I'm just hoping that things will work out and they will want to hire me as a normal full-time employee in two years when I'm done with school. Maybe they'll even transfer me to Spokane. When I got into work my first day, they had a big welcome sign for me in my office, so cute. I'm feeling very blessed.

Monday, May 4, 2009


I'm feeling antsy, and in need of a vacation. Any ideas? Any vacation buddy volunteers? Unfortunately, our closest and cheapest tropical neighbor is ridden with swine flu, so Mexico is pretty much not an option.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Here's what's up.

We went to the Red Butte Gardens fund raising plant sale yesterday, in the rain. It was really cold and muddy and wet, I bought hollyhocks. A bought tomatillos and peppers.

I got a job, yay! I will be working full time this summer for an engineering firm. They have one planner, that I'll be working with on a couple different projects. More information to come.

I have a paper and a reading quiz due this week. Yikes, I am going to be working my tail off up until Wednesday. I'm wishing I had taken a week off before I start my new job a week from tomorrow.

I signed up for a class that is going to Germany over fall break. I have yet to convince A to "let" me go and still take a trip with me to Europe sometime soon. Hopefully since I'll be working full time I'll make enough money that we can do both.

I may be getting a new bike this week, which is pretty exciting.

I found my old Barbies at my parent's house yesterday. It was pretty funny looking through all the old clothes and headless dolls, mostly Skippers and Stacies. A lot of the clothes are fantastically eighties, inherited from my brother-in-law's sister, in bright pinks and greens. I even have one dress that I think would belong on a Dolly Parton as seen in "Nine to Five" Barbie. It has a patent white belt.
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