Thursday, December 29, 2011

to do.

Eat fish.
Eat shave ice with coconut ice cream.
Find a big sea shell.
Smell the ocean.
Watch the sunrise.
Prepare for a 50 degree temperature drop, and 5 hour layover.
Soak up the last two days of beautiful Kauai.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

So long, farewell!

Well, we're off to Kauai, on Christmas Eve. If feel more sad if it were snowy and white in SLC bit as  of now, 4:41 am, it is mostly brown and gray. I might do some blogging while we're gone, I might not. We'll see.

Regardless, I hope you all have a happy holiday, and SLC? See you next year.

(PS, my advice for travel wear? Pashmina, leggings, tunic, and TOMS. Bring along some fuzzy socks for the road.)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

all the way home i'll be warm.

This beauty came in the mail yesterday. I used a gift card in combination with a sale and a 40%-off one item deal, and only paid around $40! It is so warm, and the fleece around the sleeve openings and in the pockets is unbelievably soft. Mine is black. I love it. Does it mean I'm old if I'm starting to love Land's End?

Saturday, December 17, 2011


I only saw "White Christmas" for the first time this year (or maybe last), and fell in love with the music. Whether you've seen the movie or not, everyone knows the title song, but this one is less familiar. Enjoy!


Yesterday A and I went on a little date. We planned to go to the Salt Lake Temple and then to PF Chang's, where we could use a gift card. Well, traffic was horrid. It took us forever to get downtown, and then parking was a mess because of the Tabernacle Choir Christmas concert.

Once we finally made it into the temple, we had missed the 5pm endowment session by minutes, so instead we did sealings. It was very special, probably one of my favorite temple experiences. Another couple shared that they had been married for 48 years. Their sealer (the person who officiated their wedding) was Harold B. Lee. Then they shared some of the advice he gave them. So neat!

Anyway, after the temple, we drove over to PF Chang's, and found an excellent parking spot. When we went inside, they told us the wait for two would be more than an hour! We promptly left, and ended up at Red Rock, where the seated us immediately. A ordered the fish and chips, and I ordered the reuben. This is significant  because this is where we went on or first date, and we ordered the exact same thing! And, nearly five years later, it was just as good.


{me, enjoying the last few bites of my grilled reuben}

Thursday, December 8, 2011

You can call me Marta Stewart

Task: make eight beautiful centerpieces for a fancy holiday party.

Budget: $10 per table

How it was done: Found eight identical vases at a thrift store.
Sprayed the inside with mirror paint to create faux mercury glass.
Filled the vase bottoms with pretty glass marbles.
Arranged twigs trimmed from a locust tree in vases, and filled in top of vases with snow-like ”grass.”
Decorated twigs with snowflakes and small silver glass balls from the dollar store, varied sized bells, white birds, tiny silver glass balls, tiny pine cones, and crystals from the craft store

Results: Impressed many! Pictures can't do justice.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

well, maybe just a half a drink more...

I missed yesterday's Christmas song, but I'm here with one today!

This little gem is from the movie "Elf." featuring Zooey Deschanel (who I sort of have a girl crush on) and Leon Redbone. This movie had always really annoyed my dad, but when I had him listen to some of the music like this song, I think he reconsidered. Mostly I just wanted him to hear Zooey. She has this quality to her voice that you don't hear much anymore. Adel has it, Norah Jones has it, Amy Winehouse had it. It is old school, and I love it.

Plus, this is a great song (just ignore the goofy theme music at the end of this version).

Have you heard the story of how Frank Loesser wrote this song? I think it is interesting. According to Wikipedia, "Loesser wrote the duet in 1936 and premiered the song with his wife, Lynn Garland, at their Navarro Hotel housewarming party. Lynn considered it "their song," and was furious when Loesser sold the song to MGM."

Thursday, December 1, 2011

it's december!

In an attempt to blog some more, I thought I'd share some Christmas songs with you this month. I can't promise one everyday, but I promise I'll try!

Some will be old favorites, some new discoveries (thank you, Spotify!). Today is a new one, courtesy Mr. Michael Buble.

He has a new Christmas album out, you see. I always love the Buble, but this album is special. On most of the songs he sticks to the original intros/backups, and it is like an old soul is coming through is silky smooth voice. This version of "Santa Baby," while it has some change-ups on the words which may be off-putting to some, is the only version other than the original recording that I've every really enjoyed.

So, well done, Mr. Buble. And to you all, take a listen to his new album. It is all on Spotify!

Stay tuned for more music....
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