Friday, September 21, 2012

Germany Day 6

Our last day in Germany, I wore a long sleeved red shirt, purple paisley scarf, red cardigan, leather jacket, and gray chino capris. Half the day I wore the black maryjanes, the other half my Reeboks. They are seriously so comfortable.

First thing, we picked up A's sister from the airport. She was a trooper, and agreed to go out into Frankfurt with me (when probably all she wanted to do was shower and go to bed!). We contemplated going somewhere like Cologne, but decided it might be wise to stay close for if/when she crashed and we had to head home quickly.

my trooper touring companion in front of my most favorite restaurant!
I gave her a little orientation on the train system, starting at Hauptbahnhoff. We ate at my favorite German restaurant, Le Crobag. They have them at all the major train stations, and they sell croissants, pastries, and baguette sandwiches. It is amazing. We split a ham and cheese croissant and a tomato and cheese baguette, and then hopped on the U-bahn to Dom Romer (again!). We hit up my favorites of the area: the cathedral, the town hall square, the beautiful shoe store, Ziel street, and the toy store. We also discovered some new things, as we went in three other churches in the area, and an amazing candy store. Seriously, this candy store could have been out of a movie. I totally want to open a boutique candy store now (anyone want to be my partner?). By that time, my hips were protesting and my companion wilting. So we got on the U-bahn and went back to Messe. I had a delicious camembert, cucumber, and arugula sandwhich there, and some icecream, and then A drove the us tired sight-seers back to the house.

Dombach, where we stayed

For our last meal in Germany, A and I went to an Italian restaurant in Bad Camberg. No English menu there, but between the Italian and German on the menu, we managed. I had gnocchi with a creamy tomato sauce, tomatoes, and fresh mozarella. A had linguine with creamy tomato sauce and salmon. It was a really nice restaurant, and fun to have a "date" by ourselves. They did take a very long time to bring us our bill, so we missed making it to the grocery store for a Haribo and Kinder Egg run, which was disappointing. I'm hoping the remaining members of our party will bring home some extra for us.

We packed up our stuff, and I fit everything back into my little suitcase (proud moment). Then we went to bed, in preparation for a very early-morning departure.

one last view of Dombach

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