Wednesday, September 18, 2013

you're a {peach}

For my lovely sister's birthday dinner tonight, my mom and I made a delicious cake. We were inspired by this cake I found awhile back on Pinterest:

image via
I couldn't find an actual recipe of any kind to go along with the cake, so we just improvised. My mom baked up her favorite yellow cake, froze the two layers for a bit, split them, then froze them again. I mashed up some homemade peach pie filling to go between the 4 layers, and made some buttercream (scoop out some while it is white, then add just one drop of blue food coloring).

I frosted the cake (always always do a crumb coat!), and did the tiny dot border. My mom wrote the message with a toothpick and then went over it with frosting. We added a beautiful peach half (store-bought) and a leaf from our peach tree.

And here's the end product:

birthday girl

between the layers: peach, frosting, peach

Saturday, September 14, 2013


Just popping in to say that I've listed a few things on Etsy, under the shop name les pensees. Here's a preview:

Friday, September 6, 2013

What's new...

Evie stands,  holding onto something,  most of the time.  She nurses every four hours (except her first two feedings, which are 2.5 hours apart),  and naps two or three time a day. He favorite foods are bread with anything on it (baby food, pb, jam, etc.) and fruit (peaches, watermelon, etc.). She talks a lot, favorite words are sssss, mamamama, and a big fake belly laugh, aha-ha-hah. I think that last one is a cry for attention. She still claps a lot, and we're working on waiving and standing unsupported. Her new favorite book is Baby Animals by Gyo Fujikawa. She plays on her own really well, but after awhile starts to get into trouble (garbages, finding lego pieces,  exploring cords and outlets). She loves other kids and gives them big smiles and laughs. And we just can't get enough of her.
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