Sunday, December 29, 2013

Weekend Update.

Here's what's new.

A is a great gifter. Even though I chose some fantastic new clothes on black Friday for my Christmas gifts, he was creative and got me some great things. Two new wedding bands, smaller size for my shrinking fingers, one yellow gold and one faceted tungsten; tickets to see Mike Birbiglia's new show this month; and a Chromecast! He's awesome. We're now watching Hulu on the TV, without Hulu Plus. Thanks Google.

Evie turned one! Can't believe we've kept a little human alive for a year. She walks, and says mama, dada, baby, uh-oh, pretty, and cheese (the important words).

I made pho (Vietnamese noodle soup) from a cookbook I gave A for Christmas. It's his favorite food. It was labor intensive, and delicious. I think I'll do it again next year. :)

A year from now A will be done with school! We'll hopefully be moving into our own house at that time. Not sure where that house will be. We have been talking lately about living somewhere outside or above the horrible inversion in the SL valley, for our family's health. We'll see if we can afford Summiy County when the time comes.

I've been going to the gym. And I like it. Classes, books, and audiobooks make it bearable. Evie goes to the kid center and never cries when I leave. My goal is to run a 5K sometime next year. I can run a very slow mile so far (usually I alternate walking and running for 45 minutes).

I made gifts for nieces and nephews this year. It was fun! Scrabble tile initial necklaces for the girls, jacob's ladders for the boys.

We're going on vacation next week! California and Disneyland, baby girl's first time. A's parents are coming with, and it should be really fun. We'll divide the journey into two parts, enjoying delicious food in Las Vegas (Tacos El Gordo, Ma Depalma's Pizzeria, and Bouchon Bakery). My FIL worked in California for awhile, so he'll show us around the town Saturday and Sunday, then we'll hit the park Monday and Tuesday. Right now the forecast says it will be 75. I'm super duper excited! 

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Baby girl is amazing.

Today Evie has done some amazing things. I was getting her dressed this morning, and had put on one of her socks. She was holding the other sock, and lifted her foot up to try to put it on. Later, she smacked me in the face enthusiastically, and I responded in my usual way, "Ouch! That hurt mommy. Be soft." And she softly stroked my face, just like I've demonstrated time after time when I tell her to be soft.
She also says Dada every time she sees Andrew, she knows what it means.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Seven days, and counting.

One year ago, I thought I might go to L&D any minute,  that the baby girl (still unnamed) in my belly  would probably just fall out if I walked too fast. But she didn't. She gave me a week to finish nesting,  to sit at home and wait. 

And now, in one week,  she'll be one. Practically a toddler.

She walks, but mostly still crawls. She holds phones, remotes, and toy phones up to her ear (and mine). She eats green smoothies and CHEESE (tested negative for milk allergy,  woot woot!). She responds to "what does the elephant say?" by buzzing her little lip. She says mamamama and dadadada and sometimes something like byebye and uhoh. She tries to climb, and likes to walk up and down steps. She still loves her cousins, and all other kids.

How can it have been nearly a year?! 

Holiday Time

Thanksgiving this year was really fun, and a little crazy. My grandma was diagnosed with cancer a few months ago, and so because this could be her last holiday season, we all gathered at her house on Thanksgiving. We haven't done that in years. I saw family that I haven't seen in probably more than 6 years. There were great-grands running around, playing together,  two turkeys were cooked and picked clean, and the house was filled with laughter and conversations. It was pretty great.

We stayed in a hotel that night,  because Grandma's house is a good 1.5 hours away and we didn't want to try the  long drive home right at bedtime.  It went so well! We boycotted shopping on Thursday,  and instead sat in bed browsing the ads.  Evie slept in the bathroom in a hotel crib, so we didn't disturb her by talking and having lights on. It was hilarious and also worked really well!

Friday we stopped at a small town Wal-Mart and scored some good stuff! It was not crowded, and a lot of the doorbusters from Thursday were still there. My best find wad the entire Harry Potter series on Blueray for like, $4 each.

We also went to Old Navy, Macy's, and JC Penny's before going to the Green Papaya for lunch (bahn mi for me, pho for A, and potstickers for the babe).

All in all, it was great!  And we got all the lefover pie (apple, key lime, pecan, and pumkin), making it a total win.

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