Saturday, September 15, 2012

packing list

We're home! We made it! And I survived!

Packing went pretty well, actually. Here's what I took, in just one carry-on sized suitcase.

  • off white long tee (wore on plane)
  • white Abbey Road screen tee
  • long sleeve red tee
  • red plaid button-up shirt
  • black doleman sleeve tunic
  • blue/white striped 3/4 sleeve shirt
  • black leggings (wore on plane)
  • skinny jeans
  • dark gray capri chinos
  • maxi dress (the yellow and black one)
  • purple scarf (wore on plane)
  • red floral scarf
  • paisley square scarf
  • yellow cardigan
  • black polkadot cardigan (wore on plane)
  • brown leather jacket
  • navy TOMS (wore on plane)
  • gray/neon Reeboks
  • Born maryjanes
  • brown riding boots
  • big gold statement necklace
  • small Eiffel tower charm necklace
  • socks and underwear (obviously)
That seems like a lot listed out like that, but really just 5 shirts, 3 pants, 3 scarves, 1 dress, 2 cardis, 1 jacket, and 4 pairs of shoes. I probably could have left the boots at home. They looked super cute the day I wore them, but I gave up halfway through the day in favor of the running shoes, which were the favorite of the trip. Probably could have left home the TOMS as well. I did wear them, but could have worn the running shoes and probably would have been more comfortable! And I could have left the yellow cardigan at home, as it wasn't actually very cold most of the time I was there. I only wore it once.

I did wish I had brought some more business-like clothes for the show. All the women were in suits, or at least dark dressy pants and button up shirts. I felt really casual, but given that I was only at the booth for a few minutes here and there, it was actually probably okay. Regardless of what I was wearing, I was pretty conspicuous in Germany because of my pregnant belly. I got some definite stare-downs and turned heads with questioning looks. It was slightly uncomfortable.

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