Tuesday, November 27, 2012

week 37

How far along: full term, 37 weeks (seriously? did I just type that?)

Total weight gain/loss: Big jump this week (maybe because I took a break from no-sweets?), up 48 lbs. That is scary. But, I had plateaued at +43 lbs for so many weeks, that really it is like 5 lbs gained in 5 weeks, and the midwife was not concerned at all. She also congratulated me on still having ankles (no swelling!).

Maternity clothes: Wearing them, but shopping for non-maternity now (hello, black Friday). The end it is in sight!

Stretch marks: Yes. Now more purple than red. So pretty.

Sleep: Still great (except that I am sick with a nasty cold, as of Sunday, trying to sleep sitting up which is not so good).

Best moments this week: Last and final baby shower, with the Nielsen family. I am so blessed to be surrounded by so many loving and supportive people. Thank you all! Also Holidays with the fam (Nielsens on Thursday, Nelsons on Sunday). And, had a ladies' night on Saturday: Costa Vida and Breaking Dawn Part II. So fun! Also finding out my cervical dilation has DOUBLED since my last appointment. Awesome.

Worst moment this week: The head cold. I'm feeling worried about having to deliver while sick.

Food cravings: Nothing really, I feel sick every time I eat sugar so I'm thinking of keeping off of it mostly.

Any new symptoms: May be losing the mucus plug? TMI, I know. The thing I hate is that with all these symptoms (dilating, effacing, etc.) the only answer I get about when I'll deliver is "maybe tomorrow, maybe in three weeks." They don't really actually mean anything, or they can mean all different things. Amazing how much we don't know about the body.

Labor Signs: See above. Plus, dilated to a 3 as of Monday! Midwife didn't tell me what station, but said that baby's head was "really low." 1.5 centimeters progress in two weeks, that's not too bad for just going about my daily activities and not having any real contractions.

Innie or Outie: Outie.

Wedding rings on or off: Still mostly on, though opting more for just the band to prevent any stuck-on rings.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Generally happy.

Looking forward to: Recovering from this cold and having this baby.

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