Tuesday, November 13, 2012

day nine, ten, eleven, twelve, and thirteen.

Wow, I'm behind!

Day nine: I am so thankful for a warm house, especially on snowy days.

Day ten: I'm thankful for a husband that will go to birthing class with me, even when it means looking at a recently-delivered placenta. Ew.

Day eleven: I am thankful to work with the kids at church. They are so stinking cute, and I love them.

Day twelve: I am thankful for service members, and not just because they give me a day off of work (ah, the perks of government employment) and also give me a 50% off day at Savers.

Day thirteen: I am thankful to be able to park in the garage. My sweet Dad gave up his parking spot for me, so I don't have to worry about scraping windows or freezing fingers.

Sugar update: Two minor slips. A convinced me that Diet Coke would be okay to drink because technically it is sugar free. I got a caffeine free one on Saturday. Not even worth it. In A's words, "it tastes a little better than water." Won't be doing that again. Also had an anise-flavored hard candy after a Greek lunch yesterday, but I had serious garlic breath, and that's what they gave as an alternative to a mint. I was desperate! Otherwise, staying strong. Passed up red velvet cupcakes, jello salad, punch, and some more cake. How many days till Thanksgiving, again?

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