Thursday, November 1, 2012

day one.

No Sugar November is so far-so good. And props to those that pledged to join in! We're in this together.

I've already resisted eating:

pumpkin snickerdoodles
baked pumpkin donuts my mom made
chocolate and vanilla costco cake (leftover from a work event)

I also refused to take home the leftover Banbury Cross donuts after the party last night. I seriously love donuts, so this was a big deal. It helped that I had eaten two, plus little tastes off a few others, so I was kind of donuted-out. I know, I have a problem. And, those are not the only sweets I ate yesterday, I'll admit. I had a mini almond joy, a mini milkyway, a small piece each of the costco cakes, a glass of homemade butterbeer, and half a Cutler's gingerbread cookie. I knew I'd be going cold turkey today, so I admit that I may have over-indulged a bit. Looking at the list, I kind of can't believe it.

November is also the month of gratitude, and I'd like to do some posting about that. Some people commit to post one thing everyday. I'm not committing to that, because I'd feel extra guilty if I missed a day, but I will do some.

Today, I'm thankful not to have a baby yet. Thankful that she is still inside, for now, that we made it to the end of October.

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