Monday, November 5, 2012

day two, three, four, and five.

Day two. I'm thankful for a 4/10 work schedule that allows me to have Fridays off to sleep in, have lunch with the hubs, hang out with my mom, and do errands.

Day three. I'm thankful for a mom that can sew, and help me figure out over-ambitious projects (last week we made a throw pillow and matching ottoman slip cover, and recovered a boppy pillow).

Day four. I'm thankful to have so much family close-by. We drove up to Logan to have dinner with my Grandparents and some others. It was really great.

Day five. I'm thankful for daylight savings. "Sleeping in" an hour never felt so good! And I was early for work, to boot.

Sugar goal is going well so far. I was sorely tempted by some donuts at a bakery this morning, not to mention the two dozen cookies I bought and took to work for a meeting. They smelled so so good. My new favorite "dessert?" A slice of extra sharp cheese (like Dubliner) and some red grapes. It is seriously so good.

1 comment:

lynandsky said...

It's funny you mention cheese ~ I got addicted to cheese during pregnancy. It is still a favorite snack. Mmmmmm!

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