Thursday, November 29, 2012

job application advice

If you are applying for a job, here are my tips for success, or at least increased likelihood of getting an interview:

  • read the instructions, and follow them exactly (if there is an application, you had better fill it out!)
  • always submit a cover letter and resume (letter should not just be the email you send with your resume, but a separate document)
  • if you expect confirmation that your application was received, ask for it
  • do not make spelling errors, or use funny punctuation (like ... instead of a comma, over and over again)
  • do not submit an application if you are not qualified, and if you do anyway, you had better explain in your cover letter ("I understand that I am not experienced in __________, but _____________)
  • do not submit word documents or jpegs, pdfs are they way to go
  • do not submit the application as individual pdfs for each page, it will irritate the heck out of the person compiling your application (separate jpegs are even WORSE)
  • if possible fill out the application electronically and then print it, even if that means copy and pasting into Word, printing, signing, and scanning it in again  (handwriting is archaic) 
  • don't submit a crappy looking resume, or one that is 20 pages long (formatting is not that hard, people)
  • if email is an option, take that option (do not fax your application, do not mail your application, do not hand-deliver your application, fancy resume paper is not what it used to be)

(Can you tell what I am doing at work this week?)

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