Monday, November 19, 2012

days 14-19

14. I am thankful for kind coworkers, who are so sweet and threw me a baby shower.
15. I am thankful for my mom. She is so thoughtful and generous, and really the best.
16. I am thankful for catch-up chats with best friends (manicures included).
17. I am thankful for breakfast dates with the hubs (Original Pancake House is amazing).
18. I am thankful for Sunday afternoon naps.
19. I am thankful for the clear air, and to live close the mountains. Sometimes I forget to notice how beautiful they really are.

No Sweets November update: I cheated once last week. I ate a cupcake. It was not even delicious, and made me feel totally sick. However, we discovered no sugar added frozen yogurt at my favorite place, Menchie's. Last week the flavors were raspberry and caramel fudge. We went twice. It is so delicious.

I also ate cake at my nephew's birthday party yesterday. It was delicious. Also totally made me sick. Maybe if I get sick every time I eat sugar, I'll eat less of it. That would be ok. Lesson learned.

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