Tuesday, October 30, 2012

week 33

How far along: 33 weeks, let's make it another four at least, okay?

Total weight gain/loss: thirty-something gained. Yikes!

Maternity clothes: Sometimes I think, oh only seven more weeks of wearing these clothes, I can do that! Then other times the thought of dressing for seven more weeks is really discouraging.

Stretch marks: No new ones since last week.

Sleep: Still staying up too late, there is just so much to do! Lately it's been washing, folding, and sorting tiny little clothes. But, the sleep I do get is delicious.

Best moments this week: Another baby shower, from my ward. So many wonderful ladies, and so fun that there will be four baby girls coming in a four month period! Also, an MA in my midwife office is training to be a doula, and pretty much is going to be my doula for nothing. Score! And setting up the crib. Things are getting real, people.

Worst moment this week: Tuesday night in labor and delivery was not so much fun, but it was all okay in the end.

Food cravings: If what I've been eating is any indicator, sweets and chocolate! Mini candybars are my weakness. Gearing up now for No-Sugar-November.

Any new symptoms: Grunting has now become necessary when performing certain tasks, like bending over or getting up.

Labor Signs: None really since Tuesday. I did take one of the blood pressure pills on Saturday, because after walking to the car following the U of U football game I was having a lot of (Braxton Hicks) contractions. Not painful, just noticeable and frequent.

Innie or Outie: Okay, I think it can be called an outie now. You know how you can poke the finger of a latex glove in the wrong way? If I squish my belly button it can do the same thing, but poke out instead of in. Don't ask how I figured that one out.

Wedding rings on or off: On.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy! Though tired and uncomfortable most of the time.

Looking forward to: Birth classes this Saturday and next, hopefully making it at least to 37 weeks, family Halloween party, covering the nursery ottoman in the cute fabric I found last week, and being able to see past my stomach again someday.

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