Wednesday, October 17, 2012

sneak a peek

The nursery is slowly coming along. I've even created a pinterest board for it, and begun posting little hints about it on instagram. So I thought I'd share those sneak peeks here with you.

Photo one: I'm making-over a chandelier. It used to have a big ugly plexiglass panel shade thing. and is currently brass. So far I have disassembled it to remove the shade, and can't wait to finish it. Still to be done: find a finial for the bottom, paint it, change out the ceiling-wired cord for a plug-in cord with a dimmer, and add some bling.

Photo two: I'm painting a dresser for baby girl, those are the knobs. One of those colors is on the nursery walls. Can you guess which one?

Photo three: we bought new carpet for baby's room. I love the remnant section at RC Willey. Carpet will hopefully be in when I get home today!

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