Wednesday, October 3, 2012

funny husband

Last night Andrew asked me when I was going to come up with a name for this baby. Said he was just wondering what her name would be. I said, me too!

Cracks me up, and terrifies me at the same time. That he might maybe leave the entire naming thing up to me. Though he won't say, my guess is that if he had to do it he'd choose Maren or Madeline. He also consented to Portia, but I don't seriously want that. It was kind of a joke.

I still like:

Amelia (Millie)
Eliza (# 53 in UT, nickname Lizzie)
Matilda (Mattie or Tilly)
Clara (#74 in UT)
Grace (#17 in UT, nickname Gracie)
Charlotte (#27 in UT, nickname Charlie)
Violet(# 67 in UT)
Magdalene (Maggie)
Hazel (#51 in UT)
Judy (Jude with nickname Judy?)
Nellie (Eleanor with nickname Nellie?)

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