Monday, January 28, 2008

whadduya think?

This is a chance for all you silent readers to SPEAK UP! Let your opinion be heard, by voting on how you think I should do my hair... Photo 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5.
5 is just how it is now, 4 is a trim of 5, 3 is similar to 4 but just a lot shorter, and then there's 1 and two, which are way different. This is me being restless and getting sick of trying to grow my hair out. (So much for trying to look like Keri Russell!) The last picture I look fat, but that's how it its, it's just the only good picture of my hair, and the most recent one.


slc POMP said...

#2, no question.

WILSON said...

I'm really digging the first cut, but perhaps a little shorter than that on the back. You have such a cute face for short hair. I like number 1 because it is longer in the front, so it won't seem that drastic at first. I think you should put some streaks in there too! (If the budget allows for it!) ;)

Ana said...

#1 if you can stand to have those bangs in your face. I couldn't, myself.

I love #2 and I think you could do it, but if you are concerned about looking butch you might want to avoid it.

Otherwise, #4.

And your face is REALLY not that round. Geez, look at mine for reference.

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