Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Thoughts and Questions

So all day I've been thinking about this post my sister wrote. I especially thought about it at work. In my stall. So I have some more questions that have absolutely nothing to do with my bathroom habits:

  • Do you find it difficult to go when there's someone else in the stall right next to you?
  • What if you're the only two in there?
  • If you're finished at the same time as another person in the room, do you wait for them to wash their hands and leave before you go out?
  • Do you fold, or crumple? Or even wad? Or air dry?
  • Do you use a paper towell to turn off the water and open the door?
  • Do you say anything to the person that has the same bathroom schedule as you that you know doesn't wash their hands? If you have, how did you do it? Do you ever think about all the things they touch besides the bathroom door handle that you use a paper towell to open?
Let's just say, after this last question, if you ever get something from Tomsic and Peck, use hand sanitizer after touching it.
Oh, and you actually get more germs by putting a nest on the seat versus just your cheeks. (I saw this on The View, so it must be true.) This is because your cheeks don't get near your face, so it's okay if they touch the seat. By just getting your hands near the seat, you're doing worse than just sitting. I think the only excuse for touching it is if there are droplets. In that case, I would just go to a different stall, but if you are so attached to your stall, I guess it would be okay to mop them up with a wad of tissue. The other useful information from that episode was that it is more sanitary to dry your hands on your pants than with one of those blowers. I hate those things.

I skinned my knee on Sunday. And the top of my foot. It would have been perfect if I had been going for the look of brother M's ex girlfriend, the eighties punk ripped tights, fishnets, to be exact. (I still remember those holey tights, one of the few memories I have from Fairbanks. She had a buzzed head and wore combat-ish boots. I guess it was more early nineties.) Needless to say, I had to dispose of the above referenced fishnets. For those graceful souls who haven't skinned their knees since the fourth grade, it hurts. Bad.

1 comment:

Ana said...

I am not that attached to my stall!

The only place I find droplets is at home, and then there is hell to pay! Because they are not WATER droplets, you know ... I have 3 little boys!

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