Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Baja Cruise Highlights:

Kayaking around Catalina Island in the rain, seeing a jelly fish. Eating lunch at Antonio's, BBQ chicken pizza (my favorite) with cilantro on it (surprisingly delish, can you say California?)

Luchador masks in Ensenada, learning to make tamales and eating way to much salsa and guacamole on fresh corn chips.

A eating 10+ pieces of french toast at the morning buffet, not to mention the four cartons of milk, the handful of bacon, and multiple slices of fried ham. Don't worry though, I gained more than he did.


Everything. Baked french toast, Ikea furniture in dark brown, having our own tree and house, beautiful sweaters, remote- control airplanes and helicopters that either worked for a few minutes before crashing or not at all. Child's Christmas in Wales.


Named after the wife of Zues, not the Alaskan city. 16-year-old gets pregnant, sounds so funny, I know. Best movie of the year. Clever, hilarious, heart-wrenching, cute, fantastic soundtrack.


Two books down, one to go. If you liked Harry Potter, you'll like this trilogy. If you didn't, you'll still like it. Well written page turners, these books are funny, exciting, clever, and easier to relate to than the Potter books. (Dad even likes them...)

New Years:

Little World Chinese food, more remote-controlled aircraft, destined to fail. Dressing to kill in a little black dress and red lipstick, being scared out of my wits, singing at Jean-Louis, New Years kisses, driving down the canyon at midnight. Lloyd is crazy.

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Ana said...

You are the cutest!

Enjoy "A Child's Christmas in Wales" now because when you have kids it will become about as much fun as it was when you were a little kid yourself. That is, it will be interminable torture forcing everyone to wait to open their prized one present on Christmas Eve!

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