Thursday, January 24, 2008

I win!

I found a dress to wear to the bff's wedding, and at Dress Barn, of all places. We went there as a "last resort" and they just happened to have one dress in my size, in the right colors, with the right cut, and at a discounted price. It is brown with pink polkadots, has an adoreable little puff sleeve, and a ribbon around the waist. Now I just need shoes and jewelry...
You'd think (or at least my mom and husband would) that of all the people in the world, I would be the one to have a shoe in every color, so there would be absolutely no need for me to go shoe shopping. That, however, is not true. It seems I don't have every shoe in every color, just a lot of black shoes. Hence, the need to go shoe shopping. For jewelry, I might end up making something with gorgeous beads, so I guess I need to buy some gorgeous beads. This will all come out of my discretionary fund, which is a new principle around our house.
The other thing that will come out of my discretionary fund this month is hair. A and I agreed that 1/2 of whatever my hair costs will be non-discretionary until I get it back to my natural color. After that, any color will be discretionary. My appointment is on Monday, and we'll see what happens. Maybe I'll even post some pictures.

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