Friday, January 11, 2008

Jesus wants YOU...for a sunbeam.

We used to teach the CTR 6 class. Now only I teach. A got a new calling, advisor for the Teacher's Quorum. (Is it Teachers? as in, quorum of more than one teacher? or Teacher's, as in a quorum belonging to the Teachers...) Anyway, the kids are so adorable and funny. The first lesson, which was on choosing the right, prompted answers mostly involving Wii or Playstation II. I enjoy the kids in Primary, but the leadership is rough. Now, I'm not begging for the job of Primary President, but I think I could pull it off a little better than the currents. Maybe do something interactive instead of showing a living scriptures cartoon. Singing time is almost worse. In the Primary Program, which was before we were teachers, it seemed like the chorister was singing a solo, which was surprising for how many kids are in the Primary. Now that I'm in Primary, I understand why. She doesn't prepare outside of church at all, or if she does, I can't tell. She just comes to church, and sings. No words or pictures for the kids, she just occassionally has them hum along with the piano for a verse before they sing words. Things are worse when the teachers don't even know the words. I kind of want to be called as the Primary chorister...but don't tell the bishop I said that.


Rachel said...

Hey Marta! I just found your blog. Is it okay if I link you to my blog?

I feel your pain in primary. Kids need LOTS of organization, or nothing gets done.

Good luck with this semester!

Ana said...

Ooooh, they are NOT supposed to used Living Scriptures videos!


Glad you are having fun with the SBs! K says to me all the time, "I NOT a Sunbeam!" He liked Nursery better. I don't blame him.

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