Sunday, July 8, 2012

Yellowstone and Jackson Vacation, 2012

Here's a vacation record, in incomplete sentences (mostly so I'll remember in the future). Crazy to think that this is the last time we'll be here just the two of us. We're definitely going to have to start packing more carefully, the two of us can manage to fill up the whole car! We've definitely been taking it easy on this trip,but it has been so nice to just relax, hang out with family, and enjoy the spectacular scenery.

Day One:

Driving to Yellowstone. Burger King in Malad. Listening to Catching Fire in the car and eating ginger snaps. Dinner at the Old Faithful Lodge. Walking around Old Faithful, staying at the Inn and eating lots of ice.

Day Two:

Breakfast in the Inn Dining Room (a delicious buffet). More Old Faithful watching. Picnic lunch by the river under looming rain clouds. Walking around the paint pots. Driving to Moulton Ranch. Playing Uno and Disney Headbands. Roasting marshmallows by the fire.

Day Three:

Visitor's ward sacrament meeting in Jackson. Family pictures with the self timer and naps. Family baseball game and walk around Rockefeller Preserve (enjoying the rainstorm room with the kids). Phase 10 and Ticket to Ride. Playing with the new camera. Funny kids dancing around. Disappointing produce from Costco (brown avocados, sour grapes, and moldy strawberries).

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Trish the Dish said...

fun fun! Pictures! I need to see you and your belly asap! I'm sad that Friday's aren't the best day for me to get together in the summer :(. Darrin usually tries to do 4-10's so that he can have Friday off and we can do something fun for the weekend like camping... Would you guys wanna do dinner and games on a weeknight?

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