Tuesday, July 3, 2012

tastes like summer

So, I've mostly been blogging over at the waiting game. Because here's what my life consists of mostly: working and obsessing over baby girl (yes, it's a girl!).

I should update about some non-baby things though, over here.

I posted a picture of the Father's Day chocolate caramel trifle I made, based on this recipe. I used a cake mix instead of making the brownies, they just sounded too heavy to me. The salted caramel and chocolate cream from the recipe, however, were amazing. Next time I would make more cream, and skip putting the rolos in the cake batter. It probably would have been just fine without any rolos! Also, instead of cubing the cake, I cut circles with a biscuit cutter, then divided the circles into two layers. They fit perfectly into punch cups, and were adorable.

For the experimental indoor s'mores, I filled a piping bag with marshmallow cream. I lined up an even number of graham squares, put chocolate on half, and piped marshmallow on the other half. Then I broiled for like, 30 seconds till I smelled burning. Yikes! Next time I won't put the cookie sheet right up next to the broiler. But, they were super delicious. I like them best when they are cool.

Speaking of the trifles, there was a lot of left over caramel. It was really good on icecream, but I used most of it on another dessert. I made the one-bowl cupcakes and frosted with the same vanilla buttercream, but then I drizzled them with the salted caramel and topped with a halved mini rolo. I took these to a family reunion picnic, and put them in the shade. Then the shade moved and they totally melted. They looked horrible! But the one upside was that the rolo got melty and delicious. Anyway, no pictures of that, sorry.

The family reunion itself was lovely, all of my siblings were there, and much of my extended family. Tomorrow I have another one, for my mom's side. I'm super excited for that one too. Then Friday we are leaving for Yellowstone and Jackson Hole, a much needed vacation! I can't wait.

I can't believe it is already July. Summer will be over in no time. How does that happen?

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