Wednesday, July 25, 2012

nursery time

I'm starting to form the nursery, in my head.

I'm still not sure where this nursery will be: either at my parents' house (where we currently live) or in a new house we buy sometime before December (that has yet to be decided).

But here are my thoughts so far.

We have this Ikea shelf. Actually two of them. I think I'll turn one into a dresser/changing table combo for the nursery, like this:

Though I'll DIY my drawers, since the ones from Ikea are super expensive. Here's a tutorial for making your own drawers, though the fronts will need to be made cute.

For the chair, I'm thinking of finding a swivel rocker used. There's one on right now that is green velvet, green like 1970s green. I might be tempted to just leave it that upholstery, if it is in okay shape. I'd add a little sheepskin for softness and cute pillow, of course. I imagine a little table next to the chair, for a lamp and a book.

This is the chair. I think it has potential...

For the crib, I have to make a decision. Two sisters-in-law have graciously offered to let us use their cribs for awhile (till we are done and they are having grandbabies), but both are pre-2007, which you are not supposed to use anymore. Also, I think they are both light colored wood, and I was hoping for a white crib. But free is free. If I don't go with one of those, we'll probably do an Ikea crib. They are around $100, and mattresses are $70.
This is the Ikea crib.
The rest has yet to be determined. I think I'll put a new shade on a white antique lamp that I have for the nursery, and a cute mobile is definitely in the works. I'm also contemplating some watercolors of icecream cones for the wall art, bunting, and a new light fixture. Walls will need to be painted, and I'll probably go for a neutral tan, especially if it is at my parents' house. I also need to find a soft but durable rug, since the floor is stained concrete (preferably one that won't break the bank, suggestions welcome). Curtains and bedding are up in the air, probably not to be selected til my mom starts working on the baby quilt. But it feels good to have the start of a plan, for sure.

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