Thursday, April 19, 2012


I passed my six week mark yesterday. I have a feeling I'm not really six weeks though, I feel great! Slight nausea after a cheesecake factory incident, but no barfing.
I am fitting onto my fat pants... I guess I'd better get used to it!
I called the doc a few days ago to see what I should expect at my first appointment, but mostly I just wanted to know I'd we would get to hear baby's heartbeat our have an ultrasound. They told me no, that wouldn't happen till twelve weeks. I wasn't happy about that.
So I called again today to see if they would schedule an ultrasound that same day anyway. This time they said they wait till twenty weeks so the baby's anatomy is developed. I clarified that I'm not expecting to find out gender at my first appointment, I just want to hear the heartbeat! In response they said they check for heartbeat at every appointment... Can you say mixed messages? I'm happy about that, but was really hoping to get those first ultrasound pictures that show a little baby in there. They'll only do an ultrasound if they can't pick up the heartbeat on the doppler.
Only three weeks till my appointment! I'm so exited. It is so hard to keep this happy news a secret.

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