Monday, April 2, 2012

(more) once upon a time

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Okay, I'm sort of obsessed. But have you watched it? Other than sometimes-cheesy effects (Wonderland was not the best) Once Upon A Time is amazing.

I mean, last night, Katherine is alive? Did Regina just riper her heart out like she did with Graham? That's my guess. I have no idea how they are going to wrap that one up, having the DNA of a heart match that of a missing woman, then to have the woman suddenly reappear, alive. Crazy. Also, I think Regina blamed the wrong person for the loss of Daniel. Snow was a little girl, for goodness sake, and had good intentions. It was her evil rotten mother that ripped Daniel's heart out, not Snow. In my opinion, not a good enough reason to ruin Snow's happiness and kill her father.

I'm also loving Emma Swan's style almost as much as Mary Margaret's. Her leather and shearling jacket is to die for. Well, really all her leather jackets.

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