Thursday, April 5, 2012

like a kid in disneyland.

by the tree of life in Animal Kingdom
waiting to play at Toy Story Mania
Okay, you may be sick of hearing about it since my tips and tricks post, but this feels necessary. People often say, I enjoyed taking kids to Disneyland, or going as a kid, but I have not interest in going as an adult.

But here's the thing. it smells like cinnamon and popcorn and vanilla and caramel and all the good things in the world. There is music playing, like a soundtrack to your experience. Everyone, and I mean everyone, is nice. It is a highly engineered experience, but engineered to be wonderful. A and I love going together, enjoying this time when we can go without anyone whining or crying or begging for this toy or that icecream. We can go at our own pace, and can easily navigate between the strollers and wheelchairs (not excited for doing Disney with either of those). It is a lot to live up to, this once-a-year tradition, but I honestly hope it is one that continues on for years to come.

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emma said...

i am going to disneyland next month and i am soosoosososo excited!

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