Wednesday, April 4, 2012

once upon a time predictions.

This behind-the-scenes interview is amazing. Definitely take a look if you like the show.

Are you ready for another nerd moment? Here are my predictions:
  • August is one of the Brothers Grimm. But I don't know how he knows all the stories. I also think he's going to be Emma's true love. Maybe if she gets her happy ending, it will break the curse?
  • Regina did, indeed, rip out Katherine's heart through "magic." That's how she could frame Mary Margaret without actually killing Katherine.
  • Mr. Gold is going to turn against Regina, in the end. Probably after finding out she locked up Belle.
Here are (some) my questions:
  • Who is Regina going to blame for framing Mary Margaret?
  • How much longer can Henry stay with Regina? How much longer can she stay the mayor of Storybrook?
  • Who else has Regina stolen hearts from?
  • How is August not under the curse, if he knows all the stories? He can leave Storybrook without "bad things" happening.
  • And lastly, why do we have to wait two weeks before the next chapter of the story? That is torturous. 

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