Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I follow blogs. Some of them belong to people I know, some do not. Often I read something I like and start to comment on the post, but after typing a few lines, delete the comment completely. I get a little shy. What if this person doesn't know I read their blog? What if they don't think what I have to say is witty, interesting, or funny?

Sometimes I wish I could do this in real life. It would be convenient if something didn't come out quite the way I wanted, I could just hit backspace and delete it. That would be nice.


Valerie said...

I know, I do the same thing.

Also, it is possible to do this in real life. Once you realize you've made some sort of blunder, sort of trail off, shift your gaze downward, and just back away slowly.
It's the same as pushing backspace.

Cindy Lou Who said...

THIS IS HEIDI (hamilton)- but I'm too lazy to sign out of Cindy's account.
Marta - I'm sure everyone feels this way, but for the record - I think EVERYone loves comments, so I wouldn't worry too much. I think people are just happy to know that someone is reading their blog!

jacksonx03 said...

I think everyone does a little bit of "blogger stalking." I linked over from Amy's to yours and I love reading it. I think I confessed that I read your blog to you once before though, if not here's my confession. I love it, hope it's ok!

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