Tuesday, August 4, 2009

crazy day.

Today at work, I turned down donuts and pizza. My willpower is stronger than I expected. I sort of wish I had given in.

Today at work I was happy to find out they would like me to stay on after school starts. This is a huge relief. There may even be a raise in there somewhere.

Details for a fall trip to Germany are surfacing. I may be getting an airline ticket today! This is all happening so fast I almost don't believe it. I am unbelievably excited.

We have watched all of the Harry Potter movies out on dvd in the past week. I find myself humming Harry Potter all the time now, and sort of wish there were more to watch.

I was released from primary (as the chorister) two weeks ago, and finished out my calling on Sunday. I received a new calling, as the ward chorister. I'm sad to leave primary, and intimidated by my new calling. Luckily I have family that will be great help, and I may just ask my grandpa to teach me how to lead a group correctly.

That is all.

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