Thursday, August 16, 2012


Hey guess what. I'm six months along. When I hear someone is six months pregnant, I think they must be practically done. And now that's me!

It is so unreal, until she gives me a little jab in the side-belly, or suddenly I can't stand to slouch for another second because it feels like the pregnancy equivalent of putting a toothpick in your mouth horizontally, so it jabs both cheeks (did you ever accidentally do that as a kid?).

I don't feel ready at all. I have one box of baby items from my sister-in-law. Everything in it is pink. It is currently being stored under my mom's second dining table, because I have nowhere else to put it. I did buy something for the nursery yesterday, a shiny silver piggy bank. I have another one, that I painted at Color Me Mine, with baby in mind. I didn't know she was a girl at the time, so it is light gray with turquoise polkadots. One more pig and she'll have a collection.

I still need to register, but at the same time I'm not really sure what else I'll get handed down from family, so I'm waiting a bit longer.

Rachel commented on Facebook today that in Austria they start maternity leave at 6 months. I would so totally love that, but I'll be working up until the end, unless for some reason I have to go on bedrest. Sigh. Oh to live in Austria.

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Todd + Rachel said...

Six months already?! Wow time really is flying by, isn't it?? I hated registering, it made me so overwhelmed because I had no idea what I'd need, and turns out, there is a lot! Thank goodness for baby showers and older siblings, right??

I totally forgot to mention about the Austria thing... the best part is they get 80% of their salary for that ENTIRE time, and after a year, if they want to extend it for another year, you can, but you only get 70% of your salary. Crazy, right? Sometimes I feel like I want to be put on bed rest just so I can quit working early, do you ever think that? Or am I just a wuss?

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