Sunday, August 26, 2012

pre-anniversary weekend

Okay, ready for a too-long post and a picture overload?

Our 5-year anniversary is on Friday, can you believe it? A has started school already, so before he had to deal with classes and homework, we took a little getaway to Southern Utah, a few weeks ago.

Thursday we drove down to Cedar City and saw the Shakespeare Festival production of "To Kill A Mockingbird." We went to a matinee, and beforehand we had lunch at Centro Pizzeria. 

This is when I was still feeling good.

A likes to make awesome faces when I'm taking pictures.
The killer salad.
The pizza (it had sausage on it, I think).

It was delicious, we shared an arugula salad and a pizza. Unfortunately, the salad dressing had honey in it. I discovered this after gobbling it up and having a horrible allergic reaction. I ended up going to an insta-care clinic, and the doctor recommended taking a Zantac everyday, which I'd never thought to do, so that was good. By evening, I was feeling back in tip-top shape.

Anyway, the show was phenomenal. A didn't think he liked the theater, but I think we both really enjoyed it. The story is so good to begin with, and the production was excellent.

After the show we headed to St. George to find our hotel. We stayed at the Best Western, but it was swanky! 

The room had a little sitting area, where we had breakfast. It was very glam.

Picture silliness on the "luxurious" bed.
  For dinner we ate at the Patio Grill. It wasn't the best, to be honest. I had spaghetti, A had shrimp fajitas. The guy next to us had fish and chips, and they looked pretty good.  

We watched some Olympic events after dinner, then went to my favorite frozen yogurt place: Menchie's. Part of the reason I like it is they have the most adorable spoons, ever.

Friday morning we had breakfast brought to our room, and watched synchronized swimming! How have I never seen that Olympic event before? It is pretty much amazing. The Russians were so intense. I liked the mirror-ball swimming caps on the Spaniards (or was it the Canadian team?).

Breakfast spread, it came on a cart!
After breakfast we went to the St. George temple. It was so beautiful, but terribly hot and bright so we only managed to get a few pictures.
Belly bump.

So bright!

After going to the temple, we headed off for home, and saw this fire from the freeway. I wish the state would stop burning up.

The crazy smokey fire.

 Friday dinner was at Spark, my favorite Provo restaurant (though, admittedly, I've only been to three total). We ordered the rosemary fries as an appetizer, then I had the kobe beef southwest burger, and A had the salmon. Of course, we swapped halfway through, and finally the waiter brought us some cheesecake for dessert because the salad he brought with my burger had honey salad dressing on it (thankfully I double checked before taking a bite).

Saturday we we went up to Deer Valley to see Pink Martini with the Utah Symphony. It was lovely to get out of the nasty air in the valley and up into the cool air (we actually wore jackets and blankets!), and the concert was really good. A even liked. I got a pretzel with mustard, he got nachos, and we split a cookie and a rice crispy treat and a lemonade. We even got up and danced along with the drunk old people sitting around us in the encore. We definitely hope to attend more concerts there, it was so beautiful! And next time we'll bring a lovely picnic spread.

Amazing view at the concert.

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emma said...

i just finished re-reading to kill a mockingbird, i would love to see the play! what a fun weekend! your dress at the temple is so cute...costco?! my mom bought one and i nearly died when she told me where it was from. SO CUTE.

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