Tuesday, March 29, 2011

waxing (un)poetic.

Ready for a rant?

I've had this ill-conceived notion, up until today, that I'd get a job in my field after college. Wasn't I told that if I didn't go to college, I wouldn't get a job? And so doesn't it follow that if you do go to college, you (I) will get a job?

I mean, I do have a job. I am so blessed to have a job at all, let alone one where I love the people I work with, that has flexible hours, and that genuinely makes the world a better place. But. Let's be honest here, there aren't big bucks to be made in the nonprofit world, and often there are no benefits (not good for a hypochondriac like me).

I've applied for the few planning jobs that have opened recently. I even made it pretty far along in the process on one of them. It would have been perfect, too perfect. When it came down to it, the girl with the Master's degree got the job. I just didn't have enough experience. It seems there are no intro level planning jobs in Utah. I could go to Philidelphia, DC, Texas, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Connecticut... a whole myriad of places with jobs I'm qualified for. Why aren't there any in Utah?

Gosh darn you baby boomers, just retire already! And, no thanks to you, students who graduated when the market crashed and decided to go to grad school. You are sucking up all the jobs.

What am I supposed to do? I've decided I'm not ready for grad school, give me a year or two to work and figure my life out, maybe have a kid or two.

What good is it to be in the top of your class, to graduate with honors, to be totally qualified to work, if there are no jobs? How do you find a job, if there are no jobs to be had?

Well, maybe I'm not meant to work, maybe there's a greater plan at work here.


Thomas said...

Don't rule out taking a job outside Utah. You're smart and talented and young. Even if you waited three years for graduate school or kids, you would only be 26 years old. Getting experience in other places will make it easier for you to get good jobs in Utah in the future. You deserve to make your career the priority, and you've worked so hard as an undergraduate. Anyone who doesn't recognize your professional potential is not respecting you.

lynandsky said...

Poor Marta :( If it makes you feel any better that's the story for about every graduate right now. There are too many smart, educated people, who need to work, in Utah - why the heck are we all so smart! :)

Carolyn said...

Hi, Marta! Congratulations on graduating! I understand about the job frustration. I graduated with a degree in PR and we had to stay in the Provo area since Curtis was still in school. The only job I could get was administrative assistant at BYU Broadcasting. I was basically a secretary and was so disappointed. Then I had kids and haven't worked since. I don't know your situation and maybe you're stuck in the area like I was because of my husband's school and then his job (nothing against him, of course. I love Curtis and wouldn't choose a long-distance marriage and career over getting to share my daily life with him ). But, if you can get a job in your field somewhere else and it works out to move, I say go for it! You would love Oregon (I saw you mentioned it as a place with jobs in your field).

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