Thursday, March 17, 2011

three, two, one...

You may have noticed the countdown on the right. Today it says that there is only 1 month, 2 weeks, and 5 days until Disneyworld! Yup, that's right. The hubs and I took the plunge and booked a week-long trip to Florida to visit THE happiest place on earth.

In 2007 I went to Disneyland with some besties for our senior year spring break. 2008 A and I went for our first anniversary. 2009 we went for a spur-of-the-moment Halloween trip. 2010 we went with what I like to call the Winchester crew (two other married couples from our old neighborhood). This year, we're taking it up a level and trekking across the country to Florida to test the waters at Disneyworld. I am so excited!

We've been watching awesome "documentaries" on Netflix all about Disneyworld and reading up online about the parks and rides. We're staying IN the park (eek!) at the Pop Century Resort. This was a huge must for me. Last year we discovered that the parks are WAY more fun at night, and that it can get tiring and hot around 2 pm. It has been my dream to be able to pop back to the hotel for an afternoon nap, or even a swim, so I am SO excited to stay in the park.

And, like I said, we'll be there a full week, so we'll be able to spend a day at each park, including the water parks, without stressing about fitting everything in.

We'll be leaving the night of my college graduation (wahoo!) as a thank-goodness-I'm-done trip. It will be May, and it should be pretty good weather, seventies to eighties, and not rainy yet. Fingers crossed! That being said, I'm already trying to plan some (literally) cool outfits, and here's what I have in mind.

Linen Pants: there's just something so tropical summer about linen pants. These ones are from Old Navy, and while they are super cute, their $30+ price tag was a little steep for me. I'm sure you can guess what I did. I headed to the DI with my mom, and found some pretties for $4. Affordable linen pants? Check and check. I also picked up two pairs of burmuda shorts at the DI. Score!

Comfortable Sandals: I have my chacos, which I will definitely be taking, but I would love some not-so-sporty sandals to wear around that won't kill my feet. Aren't these adorable? They are Borns. AKA expensive, from Amazon for $40+. Born has so many cute sandals. I wouldn't mind having some crazy black platforms as well, but not for walking around DW.{image via}

Sun Hat: the big floppy kind. One that will keep my ivory skin protected, but also one that can smash up into my bag for safekeeping. I don't know if I'm actually brave enough to wear one of these, but I'm interested. This one is from Sierra Trading Post, and is only $14.
Hip Bag: Just realized the big floppy hat won't fit in one of these, but I want to be hands free at DW, so I want a good ol' fanny pack to hold sunscreen, a little electric fan, sunglasses, water, money/tickets, and snacks. Maybe I'm being a little ambitious to think all those things will fit. This one is Dakine, from Amazon for $17, and super cute. Maybe a little bit small.
Classy Swimsuit: I have some swimmingsuits. They are kind of old, not so exciting. I'm thinking I'm ready for a grownup upgrade, a classic black suit like this one from Sierra Trading Post. For $55, it also comes in red, which would also be fantastic. I can't decide which I like better. Black screams Jackie O. and Audrey Hepburn, red is Marilyn Monroe or maybe Baywatch.

Okay, that's all for now. I'm also thinking of some prescription sunglasses, performance shirts (for extra coolness), and new running shoes. Yay Disney World!


Ana said...

I was just coveting that suit from Sierra Trading Post! SO cute!

I like to get my Borns on eBay. Usually I can find a good deal. But sometimes I am lucky and find them at Ross or something. You will not regret a pair of Born sandals - they are the best. A cute pair of Teva Mush flip flops is also a good investment - I have some similar to these for this summer:
I have never had Chacos - maybe next year.

Chelsea Lauren said...

Jealous! I want to go to Florida so badly, I'm dying to go to Harry Potter World!

lynandsky said...

Hmmm, jealous would be an understatement....:)

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