Friday, March 25, 2011

grass is greener.

This pic is from my webcam, I'm working on my honors thesis at the kitchen table, and thought I'd share the little centerpiece I put together for my book club on Tuesday.

I didn't have any fresh flowers, so I pulled two of the wheat grass baskets I planted a couple weeks ago with my sunbeam class, a pretty pink cake stand of my mother's, one of her few Easter decorations (the bunny), and a few candlesticks. And vwalah! On Tuesday there were also some pretty bowls of candy (cadbury mini eggs, and swedish fis to go along with our book).

I love the way it turned out! The baskets came from the DI, and say Edible Arrangements on the bottom. The nice thing is that they came with plastic liners, perfect for growing grass! I just soaked the wheat in water overnight, spread it in a thick layer over some seed starting soil, sprayed with water, sealed it up in a ziploc bag, and left it in a sunny window. After just a few days, we had grass! If you want some for Easter, better get started now. It took 2-3 weeks to get this tall. Also, if using a wicker basket, line it with seran wrap.

PS- I got my instructions for sprouting wheat grass from an awesome site my cousins run, Food Storage Made Easy. Check them out!

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