Saturday, March 26, 2011


My sister bought a super cute house. My mom and I went to see it today. Then we went to look at the house across the street, which my sister considered buying.

It is amazing. Fantastic old wallpaper in almost every room. Electric blue soft cushiony carpet. Two bedrooms and bathroom on main floor. Master suite upstairs with big bedroom (awesome peaked ceiling included), bathroom, and sittingroom/library/possible nursery. Second kitchen downstairs, plus tons of storage and another bedroom, and a separate entrance. Amazing two car garage, giant backyard, pretty bushes, and cool rock foundation.

And it is under $200,000.

I am in love.

We still aren't sure what will happen with building a house. That would be the ultimate. It is so hard for me not to know. I like to have a plan, to have a known future. We can't buy a house without a definite no on building. Plus this one is in Ogden.

But otherwise it is so perfect, and I love it! Here's a link to the online listing. It is both a hundred times more amazing and in a hundred times worse shape in real life. I want it. Bad.

PS it would need a ton of work. New kitchen floor, counters, and sink, new toilets, pull up most carpeting and possibly refinish floor, redo downstairs kitchen and fix random hole in wall, install central air and potentially new furnace/water heater/electrical/plumbing. We have no idea on those last things. It also may have lead paint, and would need new windows because it is fareezing! But oh, I want it. Whoever buys it will probably tear down all the beautiful, beautiful wallpaper. It will be tragic.

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Ana said...

Just wait. It is way early for you to commit to home ownership. I can't TELL you how many houses I watched pass me by over the years, telling myself that when the time was right, the right house would be available. It is hard. Of course when I was your age G had just finished his Master's and we were going to Minnesota - there was still a lot of upheaval ahead of us. I hope there is less for you.

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